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The Icelandic trio "The Vintage Caravan" picked the track "Crystallized" from their next album, "Monuments", to make their precious second single, which will be released on April 16, 2021, through Napalm Records. The most sceptical will be very satisfied and convinced with. “Crystallized”, injected with a magnificent blues of almost 6 breathless minutes together with progressive rock and a few hints of funk, shows the talent of these guys in the mastery of various types of inspirations and influences from their past, thus giving a fresh air to their themes.

[photo credit: Hörður Sveinsson]

Putting aside the musical talent of the band's sonority, the video “Crystallizer” shows the blood and race of these young people displaying a talent that is only born within the person. The video shows us the history of the band waking up in bizarre circumstances, but being able to find the way back home.

On the other hand, the exclusive video criticizes in a bold way about modern technology that in common is on the wrong track.

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN vocalist/guitarist Óskar on the new single “Crystallized”: ""Crystallized" is the second single and second track on "Monuments." Lyrically, the song is about a man travelling alone in a car through a blizzard in Iceland during a red weather warning. Eventually he loses his way and leaves the car and walks out into the unknown and disappears. Unfortunately, these lyrics were inspired by the many people who travelled our dangerous and unpredictable island and did not make it, so this is a warning song of sorts."

Óskar adds: "We don’t take ourselves too seriously when it comes to videos. We take the music very seriously, but we like funny music videos. Our friends from the rock band "Volcanova" make a special appearance at the end of the video, they are great! We buried ourselves in the black desert sand for a few hours for your pleasure. Enjoy!"

Eleven are the tracks, in which "The Vintage Caravan," casts a spell on they fan in this class of music. “Whispers” remain the opening theme for the album demonstrating a musical progression expecting based on old sounds, to live up to its name. "Crystallized" convinces with its blues influences, involving the fan in nostalgic dreams. “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind”, transports the listener to a phase of ecstasy through the strong beat delivered by the drummer, with intense guitar solos and a captivating lyric. In tracks like “This One’s for You”, it surprises us with Óskar’s calm and unconventional. The tracks like "Dark Times" or "Said and Done" as masterpieces. It is 60 minutes of imaginable images that transport us to Iceland through the poetic lyricism of the trio.

With their recent studio album “Monuments” and their captivating and stellar arrangements, these rising stars definitely know how to put their own brand on the wave of retro rock!

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