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We Promote Bands & Artista since 2009 here you can find some old bands and new bands that we Promote! 


Electronic Rock Since 2019

Belén Requelme

Belén Riquelme Spanish Actress - Director From 2009 - 2014

Juan Carlos Cano

Singer - Composer 2009-2010

Sara Lou

Spanish Singer 2019-2021


Blasted Mechanism Portuguese Pop Rock 2009-2011

Dalai Lume

Dalai Lume Portuguese Punk Rock Since 2009

Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame

Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame From Filand - Rock 2022 - Actuality

Flor da Serra Largo Carlos Afonso n50, Alvados, Portugal

Restaurant "Flor da Serra" Portugal 2022 - Actuality

Logo Nómadas

Nómadas Adventure Tours Portugal since 2019


Lasmess Polish Cover Band 2018 - 2019

Marco Resende Low Torque 001

Low Torque Portuguese Heavy Metal 2010-2014

Miss Lava - João

Miss Lava Portuguese Heavy Metal 2013-2019


PGR Polish Heavy Metal Cover Band 2015-2020

Torto Restaurant

Torto Portuguese Cuisine 2019-2022


Desecano Spanish Punk Rock 2009-2020

All Against

All Against Heavy Metal From Portugal 2019

Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza - Rock U.S.A.

Sacred Sin - Metal From Portugal

Sacred Sin - Metal From Portugal

Ovelha Negra

Ovelha Negra - Alternative Heavy Metal From Angola

Behind the RedGiant

Heavy Metal instrumental - Portugal

Weronika Rauba

Weronika Rauba Singer - Songwriter - U.K.

Amsterdam Faya Allstars

Amsterdam Faya AllStars Reggae & Ska - Holland

Cartoon Violence

Cartoon Violence Ska from U.K.

Alex Ferry

Musician - Coach - Composer - Singer - Covers - From Portugal

Green Water Pool

Hard Rock & Covers - Portugal

Vera Vaz

Plastic Artist

Marcos Neves

Brazilian Cover Songs - France

Adelaide Beirão

Fado Singer - Portugal


Karaoke - Only U.K.


Booking & Management

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