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Many years of experience in the business, successfully managing numerous artists within the heavy metal industry.
MGMeia offer management services to bands, we also create and run events as well as promote events, and booking entertainement.
We aim to scout new talent along the way.

Since 2009 to find the best to be better.

MGMeia Limited (Mário Granado Music Entertainment Instruments and Artist).
Company number: 12553500
Registered in England and Wales with Ltd Companies and given at Companies House, Cardiff.

Registered address:

3A Newland Avenue
Scunthorpe DN15 7HR
Phone number: +44 1724 339517
Business Plan approved by NEA 

MGMeia began in 2009 by the name MGranadomusicentertainers, in Portugal, with the management of two artist - Samir & ACME and Primos de Sintra. Hip Hop versus Portuguese covers.
In 2010, we were sponsored in the Event "Corrente de Sorrisos", in which 17 bands participated.
Samir & ACME, and Primos de Sintra were the first bands managed by MGMeia.
In the same year, we made the EVENT "Um abraço para a Madeira", that is - “A Hug to Madeira” for which we were able to gather three thousand signatures to send to the people from Madeira - One signature was equal to one Euro.

In 2012, we tried to do a MGMeia Heavy Fest in Lisbon in the MEO24 space, but bureaucracies left our event out of course.
2013 was a good year for MGMeia because of an event with the collaboration with "BAR Porta13" that took place in Costa de Caparica, Almada, Portugal.
We invited several artists to play in "Bar Porta13", including all kinds of musicians, stand-up comedy and chill out musicians.

In 2013, MGMeia started a new journey on television as we had a channel in MEO, the MGMEIA TV - 638584 channel. The idea was to show new talents, but due to copyright bureaucracies and little information at the time, the project was left in standby in 2015. Even so, we are proud of bands like "Dalai Lume", among others that were looking for us to promote our services. But the dream is still alive as we are hoping that one day, we can make it happen again on TV.
(Text Revision by Madalena Pereira 2020-06-18)

2009 - 2011

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