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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

[photo credit: Barbara Ciravegna]

The most recent work by NERVOSA, "Perpetual Chaos," echoed in the world of Metal, giving proof to the most skeptical about the recent formation after the departure of Fernanda Lira and Luana Dametto, who are here to stay! The album secured the band its key positions. In the German Top's 18th, 6th in the USA Hard Music Album, and 9th in the Top New Artist Albums in the USA and recently returned to number 1 in the Top Heavy NACC.

The Brazilian female quartet, NERVOSA did not stop to catch their breath, delivering their next thrasher, "Genocidal Command", featuring Schmier from Destruction. A very interesting track for lovers of this category of Metal. Diva Satanica's with her powerful voice accentuates the immortal Schmier's riffs, while reflecting an exciting thrash metal manifesto.

Guided by the divine power and strength of Thrash and Death Metal, the "savage brutality" in the lyrical theme "Perpetual Chaos" typically keeps "Nervosa" in continuous line with their time. Lyrically as "" does not hesitate to that the of as we it. Opening tracks such as "Venomous", "Until the end" and "Time To Fight" prove that the revitalized identity of "Nervosa" with new elements and crucial auditory foundations without succumbing to clichés. A tremendous result awaits with guitar lines brushed by the fight, extremely fast drums and critical lyricism - hitting the listener in a way that only Nervosa could. "Perpetual Chaos," We Salute You!

Order the new album, Perpetual Chaos, NOW! [via Napalm Records]

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