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Event, Management, Promoter, Scunthorpe, England, U.K. since 2009

MGMEIA com Caveira Pedro.png

Pedro Gonçalves

Collaborator - Portugal

Started 2021-01-11

News from the past magazine

MGMEIA com Caveira Domininc.png

Dominic Gillott

Public relation, road manager and
text reviews - U.K.

Started 2020-08-11

MGMEIA com Caveira Adrian.png

Adrian Trojanowski

Public relation, road manager - Poland

Started 2020-06-16

MGMEIA com Caveira Mimi.png

Madalena Pereira

Human Resources

MGMEIA com Caveira Vitinho.png

Vitinho (Vitor Freitas)

Road Manager - Spain

Started 2009-08-10

MGMEIA com Caveira Felix.png

Félix Araújo

Public Relation, Road Manager - Portugal

Started 2009-08-10

MGMEIA com Caveira Filipa.png

Filipa Cardoso

Online Sales Director for Portugal

​Started 2022-01-01

Samuel Gonzaga


MGMEIA com Caveira Mario.png

Mário Granado

Founder CEO & Chairman

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