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Wolfheart Photo Credit: Valtteri Hirvonen

The foundations of Finnish melodic death metal Wolfheart will release their new EP "Skull Soldiers" on March 5, 2021, via Napalm Records! With "Skull Soldiers," Wolfheart continues his heroic battle after the success of the 2020 album, "Wolves of Karelia." The inspiration of the two new singles is inspired by "Frozen Winter War" and two more rarities.

On the 5th, after the recent release of the EP's fiery title track, "Skull Soldiers" with vocal participation by Ukrainian band WolfangerPetro Solovey, the successful band unveiled another flawless recent track, "Hereditary", together as the new video. Next to a new Wolfheart presentation video. Adjusted to a standard image of black and icy metal, the track carefully explores the growing symphonic side with low-rhythm guitars supported by massive vocals, while narrating the courageous story of Winter War warriors fighting some of the most epic battles in Finnish history.

WOLFHEART frontman Tuomas Saukkonen says about “Hereditary”: "Musically, "Hereditary" is a clear contrast to our previous single "Skull Soldiers", which was our most death metal oriented song ever written. It's a melodic and almost heroically forward driven song that still carries the dark theme of the war with the timeless fact: When pushed far enough, everybody becomes a killer, and that wrath is buried in each one of us."

Saukkonen says about the EP’s concept: "I did a lot of research about the Winter War for the Wolves of Karelia album, but after the album was out, a few reporters gave me some additional details during the interview cycle and it turns out I managed to miss some really cool hidden gems. One of them was a small "elite group", or "Winter War special unit", who called themselves Skull Soldiers – ninja level soldiers who painted skulls and skeletons on their helmets. I really felt that I had to write some kind of a sequel for Wolves of Karelia, and since lockdown brought a lot of free time, we decided to make an EP while waiting for the world to open up again for touring."

He adds about the EP’s rarity tracks:

“The acoustic version of ‘Aeon Of Cold’ is something we have been thinking for a while now. Our bass player, Lauri, has an awesome clean voice and we would like to play a full unplugged gig at some point, and based on that idea we have already been arranging some of the songs with acoustic guitars. Since there are no gigs at the moment, we wanted to try out the idea in studio. Same goes with live version of ‘Reaper’. We did a multitrack recording when we did our first streaming gig last April and since we are unable to play live to our fans, this is the second-best thing we could offer."

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