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Yesterday, 2022-04-05, Sonia Anubis, metal guitar, announced her departure after Crypta, after joining this quartet, Brazil/Netherlands, in 2019. Crypta for the more distracted was founded by former elements of the Brazilian band, NERVOSA.

Sonia thus announced through her social network FB her departure where we can read:

"With a very heavy heart I want to announce my departure of CRYPTA — to fully commit to my band COBRA SPELL. This was a very hard decision to make, and of course it was deliberated carefully.

From the very beginning of the band’s existence, I have fully committed myself to CRYPTA and gave my 100% true self. Being part of defining the concept and the sound of CRYPTA is something that is very special and dear to me. Back then, when we started making music together — I needed this sort of creative outlet. I experienced CRYPTA as a safe place to write my feelings away in the form of riffs and leads, like a process of catharsis. I am thankful and proud to have contributed to the history of this band and being respected for my personality and style. Through the course of time, my priorities and musical dreams have been evolving and growing apart from the band’s goals. Changes are part of life, and as human-beings it’s important to evolve — sometimes this means we need to end a cycle. I have started to listen more to myself, and what I want to do with my life as an act of self-care.

Therefor I make the choice to part ways and invest my energy on my current priority — which is my band COBRA SPELL, I will solely commit myself 100% to my own band and my solo endeavours.

I know this will affect my biggest supporters out there, and I am very sorry if this somehow disappoints you. Though, please know that music IS and ALWAYS will be my biggest passion. Making this choice will allow me to reach my dreams as I envision them. Music and guitar is my life/love and I will never stop playing and sharing my journey with you all!

Something to look up to: the new COBRA SPELL EP ‘Anthems Of The Night’ has just been released! Check it out! Along to another new music video to be published on April 7th, in which you will see me in shred action! Ready for some new music?!

A big thanks to CRYPTA and everyone who was involved to growing the band while I was there, and for being there when I mostly needed it! "

We wish you all the best for your new journey Sonia!

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