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Rising Swedish Hard Rockers BOMBER Reveal New Single “Fever Eyes”

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Rising Swedish Hard Rockers BOMBER Reveal New Single “Fever Eyes” plus Music Video Watch/Listen HERE!

New Album, Nocturnal Creatures, out this Friday! Pre Order NOW

Don your bandanas, leather jackets and distressed jeans, because heavy metal is about to shine brighter than ever as Swedish newcomers BOMBER bring back the hottest era in hard rock history. Asserting their own trademark blend of 70s and 80s inspired classic and hard rock with catchy hooks, top-notch guitar solos and a vibrant aesthetic, BOMBER brings you their debut album, Nocturnal Creatures, via Napalm Records - out this Friday, March 25!

Today, the Swedish upstarts enter the last round before the release of their debut album, revealing their third single "Fever Eyes"! It ensnares with wistful weeping choirs and guarantees a quickly increasing temperature. With tours through Europe and a passionate following under their belts, BOMBER are sure to leave their mark on modern hard rock with their debut album, Nocturnal Creatures!

BOMBER on “Fever Eyes”:

“So here we are. After over a year of hard work, our debut album Nocturnal Creatures is finally on its way to fans and music lovers world-wide.

This is without any doubt an emotional moment for us. We went into the studio without a dime on our pockets, we we're truly chasing a dream. The only thing we could be certain of was how much these songs meant to us - and how much love we felt for each other as friends.

How we got discovered by Napalm Records within minutes is well known by now. But perhaps even more important is all you fans who've discovered us during these last few months. Your response has been overwhelming and heart-warming.

We would now like to present the album 'Nocturnal Creatures' in it's full glory. From us in Bomber: thank you. And Enjoy!”

Nocturnal Creatures marks the great comeback of hard rock’s golden age!

After explosive live shows in Sweden and a subsequent tour of Germany, Sweden’s hard rock upstarts BOMBER prove that the glorious era of rock isn’t over and that they’re already setting the highest standards on Nocturnal Creatures. On ten powerful tracks, the four piece turns the night into an intoxicating adventure that convinces both old and new fans of the prominent classic and hard rock genre. Album opener and title track “Nocturnal Creatures” opens the gates with epic storytelling and interludes the following passionate ride through “Zarathustra”, while “Fever Eyes” ensnares with wistful weeping choirs and guarantees a quickly increasing temperature. “Black Pants Magic” emerges into an unforgettable high-class rock experience through its industrious and catchy hook, while songs like “A Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break)” and “You’ve Got Demons” surprise with dynamic melodies and Anton Sköld’s powerful voice. On “The Tiger”, BOMBER send their listeners right into the eye of a raging thunderstorm of riffs driven by brilliant grooves, while “Kassiopeia” sets the strings on fire with its marvelous solos. Bursting album closer “Aurora” presents Nocturnal Creatures’ crowning achievement, bringing the 40-minute escapade to the edge of the world. With their new studio album, Nocturnal Creatures, the rising stars of Sweden establish a milestone in the legacy of hard rock that leads the once so majestic genre to new glory – marked by their very own special vision!

BOMBER on Nocturnal Creatures: “This is an album filled with big drums, loud guitars and great vocal performances. But there are certainly many layers and emotional depth to this album as well. We all went through some difficult times during the writing process. We strongly believe that having put our heart and souls into the songs makes them more relatable to a wider audience, so we did just that. The conceptual theme of the album is the night, and all that belongs to it. Night-time is when set our imaginations free, and we can truly release whatever is living deep inside of us. Sometimes the night can summon fears, but it can also be a comforting place. We used these concepts as songwriters to bring you stories of what can happen under the cover of darkness. From tales of spirits and ghosts to the stars above - to stories of love and heartbreak. Going through life has many challenges, it can mean going through a lot of hardships and sacrifice – but it’s also about finding our joy, meanings, and the good in all of us. That´s what this album is about. Welcome to the night… We're all nocturnal creatures.”