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Science has proven that Lisbon is apparently the best place in the World for Metalheads!

The British magazine, Money, conducted by Salman Haqqi, Personal Finance Editor, on 30 September 2021, states that Lisbon was considered the best city in the world for Metalheads.

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It's not new that Lisbon has always been graced but despised, the local movements of the Metalhead's tribes, mainly at the time of their pilgrimages to the mythical Sanctuary's of the 80's such as "Dramático de Cascais", "Rock Rendez Vous", "Voz do Operário" or "Fogueteiro", even the obligatory meeting point in Bairro Alto (Lisbon) at "Gingão" on weekends, a tavern shared with the Alfacinha (official name typically given to the local people who were born in Lisbon) punk movement.

Fighting against the marginalization of the power of the Medias that always had a particular and perverse taste, until today, of tearing down and destroying this genre of music in Portugal, in which they never recognized Lusitanian bands, like "Tarântula" and "Ibéria", conquering overseas in particularity, Europe, and at national level the "Ferro & Fogo" (cover band) doing their an amazing work, in the same decade.

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Even with the movement on the rise in the 90's with the appearance of other bands like "Alkateya", Valium (Casa Blanca), "STS Paranóide", "Moonspell", "Braindead", "Merciless Death", "V12", "Ramp", "Simbiose", to mention a few, and some of them still active, many others have fallen by the wayside and had a name that dragged its legion of fans like "Decoven" or "Lakrau". Continuing in the 80's, although, by obligation, the radios had to play the "Still Loving You" of the "Scorpions", and when the "Queen", left the Hard Rock label and passed to a commercial band, neither the Def Lepards, BonJovi, Van Halen or Aerosmith as bands of TOP 10, in UK and US, they did not have the due consideration for the National radios of Portugal that continued its brutal war against the Underground world.

This rapid growth in the 90's was due to the insistence of Iron Maiden, making Lisbon a mandatory stop on their tours, which led to the curiosity of other metal bands coming for the first time to the Kingdom of Lusitania, such as Sepultura and Pantera, in the 90's.

The appearance of the Portuguese channel SIC RADICAl, gave a small impulse to the national Heavy Metal bands, with the show "Hypertensão", presented by the mythical icon António Freitas, who continues giving Ace of Spades with his radio show in Antena3 with the "Alta Tensão". It's an inglorious fight thought many Lusitanians, but it's a fight that keeps the flame burning in the world of Metal in Portugal, and a "small" step for the new bands to be divulged.

MGMEIA in conversation with several Portuguese bands like "Grau Zero", "All Against", "Casa Blanca" or even in the beginning of their career the "Green Water Pool", the complaints about the support for the promotion of Heavy Metal in Portugal are not to be expected.

The Fadistas have already made it clear that Portugal is not only known for Fado, but also for Heavy Metal, having a very interesting exchange of the Portuguese traditional music with the Portuguese bands of this area. A case that has been surprising the Youtube Reacters community, are the "Noidz" with Kátia Guerreiro, or the interesting commercial video for a Portuguese telephone operator, in which Moonspell sing with the Fado singer Carminho, Allamedah and "Glasya" doing a cover of Dulce Pontes.

There are however many Portuguese Guitar players doing glitters like Ricardo Gordo with the theme "Fado Metal".

Photo kindly provided by All Against

But despite all this and according to a new study made by the British magazine, Money, conducted by Salman Haqqi, Personal Finance Editor, on the 30th of September 2021, Lisbon was considered the best city in the world for Metalheads.

In a Ranking of 30 Cities, in which were considered population, number of theatres, population of the city, concerts to perform, the biggest music festivals per year, artists and bands of the city, Lisbon appears in rank 27, leaving curiously out of the list cities like Madrid or Barcelona in Spain.