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JINJER are back on tour with the new metal albums of the year, "Wallflowers"

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

JINJER Wraps "Groundbreaking" European Tour

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Jinjer mgmeia [photo credit: Lenny Van Dijk]
[photo credit: Lenny Van Dijk]

After dropping one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year, Wallflowers - which topped the charts worldwide by achieving no1 and top 10 rankings in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and beyond - JINJER wasted no time hitting the road in Europe, once again proving that if there is a chance to tour- even in these strange times, that JINJER will do almost anything legally to give their fans a show to remember. This European Tour, together with French metalists Hypno5e and Napalm Records labelmates SPACE OF VARIATIONS, was not only JINJER's first tour since Covid-19 put a stop to everything, but for many local promoters, venues and fans alike – it was the first international tour to hit their cities since March 2020, and served as a beacon to the music community that touring is indeed possible, if you take a few calculated risks.

The band stated to fans on social media: "EU TOUR IS OVER! Wow, what a tour this was! For JINJER, as well as our brothers in Hypno5e and Space Of Variations, this run was important on so many different levels. For one, we were one of the first tours to cross borders since the pandemic started - and many shows we were the first full capacity shows for promoters and clubs since then as well, or the first metal shows, or the first shows you got to watch standing up with very little restrictions - and not to mention our very first tour since March 2020! This tour was hard for all involved, but it was 200% worth it. For all other bands wondering if they should move their tours to 2022… please do not - the clubs, the promoters, the local crews, the caterers, the local bands and especially the fans NEED you to play this year and make things normal again! If we can do it then you probably can as well… Thanks to each and every single one of you that came out to these shows - we made a small piece of history together!!! PS: COMING TO AMERICA TOUR 2021 IS UP NEXT!!" JINJER are currently filming their next single and gearing up for their massive North American Tour together with Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti.

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Jinjer MGMEIA [album artist: Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design]
[album artist: Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design]

JINJER's exceptional precision of modern metal paired with tough as nails attitude has earned them a fiercely loyal, rabid fanbase and massive critical acclaim, making JINJER one of the most talked about bands today and garnering them many sold out performances across the globe.

Since announcing Wallflowers, the band has graced numerous renowned international magazine covers, booked the biggest stories, sold out countless tour dates and their first two new singles, "Vortex" and "Mediator", both cracked the multi-million stream mark in no time. The new album not only presents a methodical and premeditated next step in the band's already imposing career, but moreover, it mirrors the personal adversities they’ve faced due to the worldwide events of the last year. Wallflowers is not only an upgrade to the progressive groove metal sound that all JINJER fans crave, but also a sonic pressure cooker of technical musicianship, emotional fury and an intense soundtrack befitting the harrowing state of the world today. Hailing from the conflict-ridden Ukrainian region of Donetsk but now calling Kiev their home base, JINJER truly do not mince words – or riffs – on Wallflowers.


Tatiana Shmayluk - Vocals

Roman Ibramkhalilov - Guitars

Eugene Abdukhanov - Bass

Vlad Ulasevich - Drums