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"CASABLANCA" - is carefully preparing their 40th anniversary album.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021


For the youngest and not young ones, they will naturally ask who the "Casablanca" are. We also asked the same question. But the surprise came with a direct answer. Former members of "Valium" and "STS Paranoid". Now it naturally has visible light in our most remote memories when we were teenagers.

The leading ex-member of the "STS Paranoid" and the J's Figueira brothers who formed the "Valium", have had the "Casablanca" for some years now. According to what MGMEIA was able to ascertain precisely in a secure source, the cover and original band, which have already edited several albums, will record a studio album to celebrate their 40 years on the road.

One of the first Portuguese bands to merge in the heavy music movement in the early '80s. "Valium" was one of the first successful Heavy Metal bands in Portugal. They were active from 1982 until 1988. In the same year, 1988, they formed the "Casablanca" with António Alho, ex-STS Paranoid, as the lead vocal, but that came to an end in 2006.

In the early '80s along with Mac-Zac, Tarantula, Xeque Mate, STS Paranoid, Sepulcro, Jarojupe, the Valium also contributed to the definitive start the Lusitanian Metal scene. The last works released by "Valium" was a compilation called, "Pesadelo Real: Anthology 1985-1988."

In 1982, the "Valium" carefully took their first steps, with a unique mix of Hard Rock and Punk. In December 1984 they performed at the first and only Metal festival ever made, in Santo António Dos Cavaleiros, Loures, Portugal, for a few months later they came to efficiently perform at the Metal Sanctuary in Lisbon, in the famous "Rock Rendez Vous", in the acclaimed session "Falcão Metálico".

The local Amadora band efficiently managed to record several key demos at the humble beginning of 1986, with songs "A Demanda" and "PorTi". In May of the same year, they performed another demo where they included themes like "Twilight (intro)", "A Noite" and "Pesadelo Real". In October of the same year, they had their performance at "Metal Stage", Amadora, Portugal, with "Satan Saints", where "STS Paranoid" made their appearance as well.

"Peadelo Real: Anthology 1983-1988

To end 1986 and start 1987, the local band of the three J Figueira brothers recorded the song "Quem", and then in October joined to the same demo the song "Belo & Feio". This playable demo ended triumphantly in April 1988 with the musical theme "Perfection".

Before replacing the official name to "Casablanca", which would happen later on, the "Valium" got an honourable second place in a contest what they did, having the right to perform in the Mythical "Dramatic" of Cascais, Portugal. The previous concert with the name "Valium" was given in 1988, in Damaia, Amadora (Portugal) their home, a city that coincidentally is the Moonspell city as well.

"They still don't know when recording will start due to the pandemic, but they will certainly record the album of 40 years of career in memory of ´Valium´, where they will be able to enjoythemes like" Once Upon A Wasted Time "and" All My Pain ", already in the era of ´CasaBlanca´." - said our safe resource.


Ricky Rosales - Drum ex-Valium

Jorge Figueira - Guitar ex-Valium

João Figueira - 2nd Guitar ex-Valium

José Figueira - Bass Guitar ex-Valium

António Alho - Vocals ex-STS Paranoid

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