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Pagan Metal Legends BORNHOLM to Release New Album, Apotheosis, on November 5, 2021

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Unveil Sinister New Single Plus Video for “I Am War God”

Bornholm mgmeia Krisztina Máté
"Bornholm photo credit: Krisztina Máté"

Don't get it wrong but 20 years of experience and five studio albums in their hands, made this Hungarian Black Pagan Metal an hell of a band. We are talking about Bornholm a very known band who are ready for the debut album with Napalm Records. "Apotheosis", will be the fifth studio album and will be out on 5th November 2021.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2000, Bornholm has been an unstoppable force in the realms of black and pagan metal, touring with household names like Ex Deo, Varg, Arkona and many more. With their upcoming offering, Apotheosis, the unit is ready to take their career to another level and set the stage with the ominous first single "I Am War God". Mixing significant elements of black metal, merciless screaming and heroic pagan accents, the band absolutely showcases their variety and sonic progression.

Bornholm on “I Am War God”:

“The song is about the ancient instinct of war and destruction of human kind, like a chisel in the hand of the sculptor forming the world when the time comes from century to century. We live hard and historical times and it’s gonna be harder than we could ever imagine. The wheels are turning by giant and ancient powers and this is what the lyrics are about. The will is the only thing that really creates, that moves the events forward… the will against will.”

Sahsnot (Guitar/Vocals) comments: “The video was shot among the majestic woods and century-old ruins of Sweden in two parts. At first the scenes with the band members, and after a couple of days, the actors and the storyline. This is our first video that was made by a professional director, Johan Bååth, who worked with Watain earlier for example.”

Hungarian metal outfit BORNHOLM fuses atmospheric black and pagan metal in a sphere of obscurity!

The apotheosis not only shows the development of BORNHOLM's sonarity, but also goes back to the origins of the band's history and the heavy, often almost direful influences mixed with the indispensable atmospherically dark and raw flavor. Followed by ominous sacral sounds of historic proportions and a hypnotizing, tireless chanting, the intro track "I Divine" announces the dark ride to nowhere. It is exactly in the gap between pagan and black metal that the sound finds its home, with tracks like "Spiritual Warfare" and "Black Shining Cloaks" - the latter featuring a magnificent guitar solo by Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond) - including its diabolical and atmospheric intro, "The Key to the Shaft of the Abyss," representative of the band's melancholy and extremes. Along with the almost melodic borrowings and acoustic guitar insertions in combination with the pure rawness of "To the Fallen," the record highlights the band's variety and sonic progression. The title track "Apotheosis" is a slow, howling homage that blends aggressive, screaming vocals and melodiously dark anecdotes. Album closer "Enthronement" closes the metaphorical and musical bracket and provides the 52-minute piece with a reverent, instrumental conclusion.

torto mgmeia
The Best "Bifanas" in U.K. - London & Scunthorpe

Bornholm added:

"So the day has come, and the new album is coming! Its title is Apotheosis, which is a word of Greek origin meaning deification, divinization and glorification of a human to a divine level. It contains 11 tracks and delves deeper into our musical world and soul than ever before. We had to deal with many difficulties both in the studio and in our private life during the making, but somehow something was always guarding the birth of the record. Nothing stopped, not even for a single moment, no matter what happened. It was a great experience to go through this upheaval while the world was moving in another direction. We lacked nothing; destiny was with us - so the birth of the record was a kind of magical experience. Step by step, everything was in place in time and, without tolerating the outside world, we built another one for ourselves."

On Apotheosis, the band built a fluid and epochal sound concept that blends explosive guitar/bass lines with fast drums, spiced with choral elements and leading to a heavy mix, which BORNHOLM performs successfully in all kinds of variations from track 1 to 11.

Recording and mixing took place at SuperSize Recording Studio in Hungary with the contribution of Viktor Scheer, with mastering completed by Maor Appelbaum, who has worked with bands like Dream Theater, Annihilator, Mayhem, Abbath and many others.

Apotheosis track listing:

1. I Divine

2. My Evangelium

3. Sky Serpents

4. The Key to the Shaft of the Abyss

5. Black Shining Cloaks

6. Spiritual Warfare

7. Darkened Grove

8. To the Fallen

9. I am War God



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