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PowerWolf, have released their new album "Call Of The Wild" last 16 of July 2021

The promote video for "Beast Of Gévaudan" reach almost 2 millions views in two month

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The band was formed by Charles and Matthew Greywolf brothers. The band was joined by French drummer Stéfan Funèbre, and German keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel. It lacked a good vocalist to complete, when they were on vacation in Romania the Greywolf brothers met Attila Dorn, Romanian, in a pub, where he attended Classical Opera Classes at the "Academy of Music of Bucharest", and who loved werewolf legends and vampires, which fit perfectly to the theme planned by Charles and Matthew, thus becoming the frontman of Powerwolf.

In 2005, Powerwolf released their debut album: "Return In Bloodred", creating a saga where the hunters of the night (Werewolves) were the main characters. A curiosity about this album is that the band members refuse to talk about the real meaning of the lyrics of the songs, which were too obscure.

In 2007, they released their second album, "Lupus Dei", a concept album that recounts the redemption of a Werewolf, repenting for his sins.

In 2009 they released the album "Bible of the Beast", it tells several stories from the point of view of Catholic priests and Satanic cultists.

In 2011, "Blood of the Saints" came out, considered by many fans the best of the band. This album portrays a sect of priests (secretly Werewolves) who, after developing blood addictions and starting to kill people, aroused the fury of the Saints. The final song on the album, "Ira Sancti" (Ira dos Santos, in Latin) is somewhat mysterious, as her lyrics were not disclosed in the album's booklet, thus remaining a mystery. One of the only understandable parts of the song is when Attila proclaims: "Lupus Christi" (Christ's wolf, in Latin).

In 2013, "Preachers of the Night" appears, the new album also deals with subjects already elaborated before, such as the Crusades and the thirst for blood. The band's album,

"The Sacrament Of Sin", was released on July 20th, 2018 on Napalm Records.

“Call of the Wild” is the last work done by the German brothers, which came out on the market on July 16th, 2021. Until today (2021-07-21) the promotional video, “Beast os Gévaudan”, launched on Youtube on 2021-05-20 has had 1 842 146 views.

PowerWolf, follow the line of symphonic bands, like "Rhapsody of Fire", however showing a stronger sound in which we can see has a clear Heavy Metal and Viking Metal influences.

As a note of curiosity, the recording of “Bible of the Beast” featured an organ in a church to make the sound more involving, as well as a 25-voice choir, joined by the heavier lyrical voice of Attila Dorn. The band sings about Satanism and Christianity, as well as criticizing religious fanaticism.

The PowerWolf talk about Bible tales, mainly criticizing those who use the name of deities, demons to justify cruel acts. On stage and in their music videos, it is possible to perceive a great influence of Gothicism. The macabre and folk tales of Germany and Romania blend with his saga about wolves and religious wars.

Powerwolf's biggest musical influences are Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Forbidden and Iron Maiden. They don't consider themselves a religious band but like to be called a spiritual band, as their lyrics are mostly sung in English, they have many themes sung in Latin, as the Stories Told are about Christianity and Legends old towns from Romania.

When asked if he was a Christian or a Satanist, Matthew Greywolf answered:

"I am a metalist, a metal fan. Metal is my religion. Look at all these people, what unites them? I can tell you, it's the fucking metal."

In one of the interviews, Matthew is quoted saying:

"Some people are confused because we never make a point of saying the silly words of which side we are on. A lot of people ask us, "Are you Satanists? Are you Christians?" And we never say anything about that, and we never will, because in what we do in Powerwolf, it's not important what we as individuals believe or stand for. We sometimes describe religious history, we sometimes write about Satanism, Catholicism, or whatever, but we never judge anything. I think on one side, this is confusing people, but on the other side, a lot of people do understand that we only describe or write lyrics about something, not to deliver a message."

If you miss the previous albums here is the list:

Return in Bloodred (2005)

Lupus Dei (2007)

Bible of the Beast (2009)

Blood of the Saints (2011)

Preachers of the Night (2013)

Blessed & Possessed (2015)

The Sacrament of Sin (2018)

Call of the Wild (2021)

Current Band Formation:

Benjamin "Matthew Greywolf" Buss – lead guitar (2003–present)

David "Charles Greywolf" Vogt – rhythm guitar, studio bass (2003–present)

Christian "Falk Maria Schlegel" Jost – keyboards (2003–present)

Karsten "Attila Dorn" Brill – vocals (2003–present)

Roel van Helden – drums (2011–present)

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