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Joey Jordison and Dusty Hill, make the Metal World Music poorer, see you one day

mgmeia - Joye Jordison and Dusty Hill
Photo Credit's: Jo Hals & Tim Mosenfelder - GETTY IMAGES

In two days the Heavy Metal World suffered two bad news almost in a row. On the 26th Joye Jordison, former drummer and one of the founders of Slipknot, aged 46, and then on the 28th, the bassist of ZZ Top Dusty Hill at 72, thus leaving the metal world poorer with the loss of these two great lords. Joye Jordison, was one of the founders of the North America formation, Slipknot, participating from 1999 to 2014. In December 2013, Joye received an email, when he was fired from the band, and confessed to Metal Hammer in 2016 that it coincided with the appearance of his health problem, MIELITE TRANSVERSA, causing the lose his legs, leaving them paralyzed.

"I couldn't play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I don't wish on my worst enemy.” - Sayed Joye.

Prior to Jordison's departure, Slipknot won three TOP 10's on the Billboard 200, including a number one with "All Hope Is Gone" in September 2008. Also with Slipknot he was voted with four TOP 10 nominations on the "Mainstream Rock Airplay"”, and won the second position with “Snuff ” in March 2010. In 2005, in Germany, he won the Grammy for the best performance with “Before I Forget”. It was the seventh Grammy nominated that contains the band.

Joye formed the band “Scar The Martyr” in 2013 while playing with Slipknot and lately played with “Sinsaenum” before his death.

mgmeia Joey Jordison Castle-Donington 2009 Photo Credit: Jo Hael - Getty Imagesjpg
Joey Jordison 2009 Photo Credit: Jo Hael - Getty Images

In an NME interview by Tom Skinner on July 28, 2021, the Down Load Festival boss recalls how Joye Jordison saved the day playing with Metallica:

“Seeing Joye play with Metallica in the Slipknot mask is something that will never forget."

In 2004 with the festival already underway, Cooping was notified, backstage, that Lars Ulrich could not play due to health problems. There were two choices, the first that if you would have to cancel Metallica's performance, and the second that if Metallica would be able to convince another drummer to play in Lars' place. He immediately thought about canceling because he didn't see the second option coming true, even because he had asked some drummers and the answer had been NO. But there was someone who took a step forward, and that was Joye, not least because he had played in a Metallica cover band, before playing with Slipknot, in which he had a very good knowledge of the songs, “Joye with Dave Lombardo, Slayer, saved the day" - recalls.

Dusty Hill

mgmeia Dusty Hill 2009 - Photo Credit: Tim Monfelder - Getty Images
Dusty Hill 2009 - Photo Credit: Tim Monfelder - Getty Images

He was the third element to join ZZ TOP in 1969 after replacements and a layoff, in the original line up of the Texas Heavy Metal (Hard Rock) band, in what would remain until today. In January 1971, the band's first album came out on the market, “ZZ Top's First Album” which had as its single “(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree”, an album basically of Blues.

In April 1972, they released their second album, "Rio Grande Mud", which featured the band's first hit, "Francine", "Just Got Paid" and "Bar-B-Q". All the excellence of ZZ Top is in the album that is the trio's classic, "Tres Hombres" released in July 1973. Highlights for the tracks, "La Grange", "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago". It is with him that the trio earns their first platinum record. In April 1975, "Fandango" was released, a half live, half studio album that brought the hit, "Tush". The album effortlessly sold a million copies. The next album, "Tejas", is released in February 1977, but it fails to maintain the level of previous albums and the band decides to stop for a while. In March 1977, the first compilation album, "The Best of ZZ Top", was released.

In 1979, ZZ Top signed with Warner Bros Records, and in August, released the album "Degüello", with a version of "Dust My Broom" by Elmore James and "I Thank You" by Isaac Hayes. "The Eliminator" and the "1980sIn" April 1980, ZZ Top made their first appearance in Europe, in a performance on the TV show "Rockpalast". In November 1981, "El Loco" was released which had three singles, "Tube Snake Boogie", "Pearl Necklace" and "Leila". With a different sound using synthesizers and the technology that would become characteristic of ZZ Top.


- Nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2004.

- The Living Legend Award, October 15–17, 2006.

- VH1 Rock Honours award, 2007.

- AMD Live! Soundtrack Award, Texas Film Hall of Fame, Austin Film Society, 2008.


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