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Ovelha Negra has signed a worldwide Management and Booking contract with MGMEIA and Anticorpos

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The Angolan Alternative Heavy Metal band "Ovelha Negra" has signed a worldwide Management and Booking deal with MGMEIA and Anticorpos. Joining names like Dilana Smith, Marty Friedman or All Against.

ovelha negra mgmeia
Photo Credit: Ovelha Negra

Ovelha Negra is an Alternative Heavy Metal band with diverse influences. The band was formed in 2015 by Gaudino Lopes (Bassist) and Erick Sebastião (Vocals) who shortly after would leave the band, a few months later Vlado Teixeira on drums and Yannick Matos on rhythm guitar joined the "Ovelha Negra".

Gaudino Lopes and Erick Hendrix, started looking for members in early 2015.

"In Angola the hardest thing to find are drummers but luckily the band managed to include Vlado Teixeira who was part of the band 'Sinner Seventeen'" - say Gaudino.

As the months went by, Yannick Matos joined the local band. He participated in ambitious projects such as "Komu Keiras" (bass player), "Situação Precoce" (rhythm guitar) and "Fumaça Negra" (bass player) and is currently in "Ovelha Negra" as rhythm guitar. At the same time Yannick was joined, Mag Oga Jackson comes through to join them. Mag who was in a band with a stand-by project "Paranóia" formed by Jay Santos and Eros Eloy. At Yannick's invitation, Magoga Jackson, joined the "Ovelha Negra".

In early 2017, Gaudino Lopes leaves the band for personal reasons. By the same time, Jay Santos takes the position of rhythm and solo guitarist with them.

With the temporary departure of bassist Yannick Matos also for personal reasons enters the "Silent Whisper" bass guitar Seth William as a replacement.

"Ovelha Negra" played in events, such as "ROCK VS RAP" organized by "Boy Fly Entertainment" still with the old line-up, and in the "Ensaio Aberto" which marked the beginning of a new era for the band with the current members. The "Battle Bands" organized by "Kavalera Entertainment" and "NeoVibe", are some of their other participations.

The "Ovelha Negra" count with a single released on the market in 2017, entitled "Preso".

The first concert of the band was organized by the renowned "Organization of Viana" in the rocker community of Luanda called "Dead Zone", in the "Avião" venue on September 12, 2015 becoming then this date, the commemoration of the official foundation of the band.

torto mgmeia bifana
The Best "BIFANA" in U.K. - London, Scunthorpe

They won the contest "Radio 96.5 Fm Stereo" competing with great artists by obtaining the majority of votes during a month of campaign with the track titled "Preso", this track was competing also for the "Angola Music Awards 2018" in the category of "BEST ROCK".

Ovelha Negra has already left their legacy by participating in the 7th Edition of O.R.L.E.I. - "O Rock Lalimwe Eteke Ifa" in Huambo organized by Mrs. Sónia Ferreira the "Grande Mãe" (Great Mother) of the "Orfanato Okutiuka" in 2017 and also in the "Rodas Music Festival" that took place in the "Autódromo", where it had the Artistic Direction by Irina Vasconcelos.

In 2017 the band participated in "Top RFM 96.5" where they won the 1st place.

The "Ovelha Negra" also participated in the event "Rock no Gueto" organized by "T.O.N.E.S" in Terra Nova, an organization that takes rock to the peripheries of the city of Luanda.

And in 2018 the "Ovelha Negra" was present at the first event of the year on the last full moon of the month of April, "THE MOON FEST" organized by "Kavalera Entertainment" in the space "Kudima Kuami" at "Capolo 2".

The "Ovelha Negra" were nominated in the sixth edition of the "Angola Music Awards 2018" in the category of "Best Rock" with track "Preso" and in the category of "Best Internet Artist".

In 2020 the Band was present at the 10th edition of "O.R.L.E.I. - O Rock Lalimwe Eteke Ifa" but this time due to pandemic the festival was organized once again by Mrs. Sónia Ferreira the "Grande Mãe" (Great Mother) of the "Okutiuka Orphanage" in streaming format.

"Ovelha Negra":

Yannick Matos - Bass

Stelson Victor - Drums

Mag Oga Jackson - vocals

Jay Santos - Guitar & back vocals

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