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GWP - Green Water Pool Heavy Metal cover band from Portugal

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Green Water Pool - MGMEIA
Green Water Pool - GWP

An exclusive interview with GWP, Green Water Pool a Portuguese Heavy Metal covers band that wants to become an Alternative Heavy Metal band with originals. They are from Vila Nova de Famalicão, and the Vocalist from Barcelos, all from the North of Portugal. With an average age of 33 years, this quartet, comes once again to prove, what has always been denied by the Portuguese media, but proven by Universities in the USA and Australia, that HM is not only of compulsory education base, but also made by Engineers and Doctors. That said the GWP elements, join the vast range, as Bruce Dickinson, Blackie Lawless, Brian May, among others. They are Engineers by profession, the drummer an Environmental Engineer, the vocalist a Chemical Engineer, the guitar an Industrial Management Engineer and a future Computer Engineer, who will be the Bassist.

MGMEIA - How it happens? From whom was the idea to start the Green Water Pool (GWP)?

Green Water Pool (GWP) - "One afternoon when my son wanted to buy an amplifier we went to a shop, I always wanted my son to follow my dream of music. And when we were going in I met Bruno (drummer), who I hadn't seen for at least twenty years, I asked him what he was doing there and he answered, to my surprise, that he was going to learn how to play the drums. I, who already had Alexandre working on some projects, asked him if he wanted to join us, but Bruno replied that he only had three months of lessons and knew nothing. So I told him that I would wait for him and that I wouldn't look for anyone else to take his place on drums. Nine months after this conversation Bruno joined us and no baby was born but GWP. From the beginning we realized that none of us had the voice to sing. Three months later, through a phone call from a friend, Sofia, she tells me she knew a vocalist and introduced us to João."

Torto - mgmeia
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MGMEIA - "Green Water Pool". It's an unusual name, how did you come up with it?

GWP - The name "Green Water Pool", comes from the place where we rehearse. There's a pool right next to it. But with all green water. From there came the idea of the name.

MGMEIA - Why a cover band?

GWP - The goal has always been music, which is what we have in our veins and in our soul! To gain unity, consistency and evolution, initially they would have to be covers. But the big goal is