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DYING WISH: Fragments Of A Bitter Memory - "Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed" promo video out now

Dying Wish, mgmeia
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Last April we talked about Dying Wish, without any gigs or social gatherings, Boster and her bandmates redirected all of their energy to the protests about people who see pain and suffering as an opportunity for their own personal gain.

Today we are talking about their last album released on 1st of October 2021 "Fragments Of A Bitter Memory". In the same line of message in their lyrics, now she bring it more personal.

Lyrically, Death Wish follows the ideology the band have accustomed us to "Blood Laced Misery" touches on institutionalised racism in the land of the free, not only globally, but the injustices vocalist Emma rails against various aspects that hit much closer to her teenage years. The title track divulges the terror of growing up with a violently alcoholic stepfather, Boster torn between sympathy for the devil "Still chose to love you despite the death of the man I once knew" and the desire for revenge "I'd bury you if I could".

With this latest album, the band's incredible performance is once again evident, with a brutally spectacular aggressiveness, which at the beginning of the album leaves us with a pleasant taste in our mouth, without imagining what will come next.

Dying Wish waste no time in launching into the album’s vicious opening run. "Cowards Feed", "Cowards Bleed", "Hollowed By Affliction" and "Innate Thirst" all hit hard and fast – the kind of metalcore that could take someone’s head off.

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