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Anfitrite releases their third symphonic metal album, videoclips and NFT collection

Anfitrite - Helena de Troya - mgmeia
Anfitrite 3rd Album - Helena de Troya - photo cover courtesy by Anfitrite

Anfitrite is a Venezuelan Symphonic Metal band that after its founding in 2012 has efficiently managed to release two albums and in parallel build a good fan base both within the national territory and abroad.

They are characterized by writing songs based almost entirely on fascinating stories taken from Greek mythology.

Currently after a long wait they have finally announced the official release of their latest musical work in the form of an EP, available simultaneously in digital and physical format, which they have named “Helena de Troya” (Helen of Troy) in honor of this enigmatic character and her tragic life.

This notable album features a track list of 5 unreleased songs along with an extraordinary cover where they pay a well-deserved tribute to the Venezuelan Gothic Metal band "Bleeding Tears", being all this accompanied by the premiere of two video clips on their YouTube channel (anfitriteband).

Likewise, the aforementioned symphonic metal EP is the first musical production that Anfitrite has released with its new line-up formed by Ysis Vivas (ex-Hekla, Myzis) on lead vocals, TJ Richardson (Salvation's End) on guitars, José Mendoza (Jihad) on bass and Sting Weiss on keyboards, guttural vocals and orchestration as usual.

Ysis Vivas, Anfitrite, Mgmeia
Ysis Vivas Anfitrite front singer - photo credit courtesy by Anfitrite

The EP "Helena de Troya" in digital format comes with a digital booklet that includes songbook in English and Spanish, artwork, music credits and special thanks. This and the CD edition can be purchased clicking HERE.

It will soon be available in other stores and digital media.

On the other hand, Anfitrite also announced the release of their first NFT collection consisting of special anniversary edition tokens inspired by their first two albums, which include fully remastered tracks, plus a lot of diverse bonus material and are hosted on the Etherum network through one of the most prominent platforms in the NFTs arena.

If you wish you can support Anfitrite financially through their official Ko-fi page: and also join their newsletter to receive the latest news of the project in the comfort of your email box.

For more information, you can follow Anfitrite at:


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Sting Weiss - Anfitrite - Mgmeia
Sting Weiss - keyboards - Photo courtesy by Anfitrite

José Mendonza - Anfitrite - Mgmeia
José Mendonza - Bass guitar - Photo courtesy by Anfitrite

TJ Richardson - Anfitrite - Mgmeia
TJ Richardson - Guitar - Photo courtesy by Anfitrite

Ysis Vivas - Anfitriti - Mgmeia
Ysis Vivas - Front Singer - Photo courtesy by Anfitrite