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All Against | The Portuguese, Groove Trash Band They have released their first album

Photo courtesy by All Against

The Portuguese band "All Against" have been playing gigs one after another since the release of their debut album, in Porto, following the release of their promotional music video shot in Nazaré "I Am Alive".

The concerts from North to South of Portugal were not to be expected, with an audience that filled the perspectives objectified by the band.

We had already spoken to "All Against" in the summer of 2020, about the work they were doing and the projects they aspired to. After the covid and a lot of studio work, they released an EP where they included the promotional work "Masturbation".

Photos courtesy of "All Against" all credits to "Cameraman Metálico" & Fernando Costa

With a series of awesome videos, created by the head of guitar player Bruno Romão, the technically well crafted songs, the signature with the Dutch bookings company "Anticorpos D.I.Y. ", we were not surprised by the Metalheads response to the call of the "All Against" for concerts in 2021. Since invitations made for live streaming as like as on July 25, 2021 for Argentina Online Metal Fest and August 14, 2021 Online Fest, organized by the Brazilians "Metal na Lata", radio programs worldwide and the inclusion in the top 20 of the "European Metal Channels".

As we had mentioned at the beginning, the release album, "I Am Alive", at Metalpoint, Porto, was a great start for the concerts that followed, including the one in Almada, where there was choreography, how about that...

Here it is our TOP 3 of "All Against":

1- Feed the Machine

2- I Am Alive

3- Erratic Hands

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