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Wednesday 13 will release his ninth album of originals "Horrifier" on 7th of October 2022

Wednesday 13
Photo Credit: Stephen Jensen at F3 Studios

On 7th of October 2022, the "Wednesday 13" will return with their famous frontman, the ex-vocalist of the "Murderdolls", giving the follow-up album "Necrophaze", which will reach the second position in 2019 in the US Heatseekers list.

Showing their evolution in a career of 20 years with a mixture of various styles, the new album "Horrifier", "Wednesday 13", wants to show a mixture of Metal and macabre Hard Rock, which will arouse the interest of new listeners who do not know the band. The various tracks are inspired, as usual, by classic horror films, this time around John Carpenter's "Halloween" and Christine's iconic supernatural thrillers.

The album "Horrifier", is the follow up to the first single from the album, "You're So Hideous", in which the official video for this song is inspired by the movie "Exorcist", with a catchy chorus and riff that we are sure will be requested and heard a lot this autumn, at the venues!

WEDNESDAY 13 says about "You're so Hideous":

“'You’re so Hideous' is such a catchy track and it’s one of the very first ones I wrote for the album. Lyrically, it’s a modern day Medusa story… Beware the stare into her eyes. The music video was of course inspired by the Exorcist film and was a lot of fun recreating that."

"Severed" is the first track on this ninth Wednesday 13 album, which provides the introduction to the heaviest track on the album, if not the band's heaviest ever "Insides Out", giving way to the following track, an aggressive and insdustrial "Exhume and Devour" and the warning single "You're So Hideous", with a beat of 90's danceable sonic vigour, while the smash hit "Good Day to Be a Bad Guy", nods to the pure horror punk spirit of Murderdolls as a melancholic chatter that will seep into the listener's head on repeat.


John Carpenter's Halloween-inspired anthem "Return to Haddonfield" convinces with marching gang vocals and a fiery metallic guitar solo before the pace picks up again on the fast-paced and very prompt title track "Horrifier". Southern-fried metal tinged "Hell Is Coming" is one of the best displays of stylistic versatility on the album, accentuated by an impressive vocal performance while pumping out a thrash worthy breakdown and a blues rock solo. "Halfway to the Grave" sees the band echoing 80s flavour accentuated by memorable leads and imploring lyrics before leading into the album's standout themed "Christine Christine: Fury in the Night", with pounding drums, an unforgettable hook and a transfixing guitar lead that literally drives. Horrifier closes with its most heartfelt track, "The Other Side" - a personal ode to WEDNESDAY 13 written about the sudden loss of his mother as well as former Murderdolls bandmate Joey Jordison - but which also shines as a vital anthem made all the more pertinent after the last few years of intense worldwide loss and reflection.

Horrifier was produced and recorded by WEDNESDAY 13 with mixing and mastering by Brent Clawson, and features stunning album artwork by Jonny Bush. A dynamic journey into WEDNESDAY 13's 20-year career, Horrifier revitalizes with something for every listener to latch onto - boasting intensely fun horror punk energy with a horrifying metallic attitude!

WEDNESDAY 13 offers about Horrifier:

"The last three releases have seen the band explore new ground with heavier songs, drums, and vocals. Coming out of the Covid crisis, I promised I would not release a sad, depressing record. I wanted to make a fun, horror themed rock record that would be reminiscent of the first few WEDNESDAY 13 records. The new album is a fun, fast-paced, thriller!"

Wednesday 13 horrifier
Artwork by Jonny Bush

Horrifier track listing:

1. Severed

2. Insides Out

3. Exhume and Devour

4. You're so Hideous

5. Good Day to Be a Bad Guy

6. Return to Haddonfield

7. Horrifier

8. Hell Is Coming

9. Halfway to the Grave

10. Christine: Fury in the Night

11. The Other Side

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