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WARKINGS - Morgana le Fay, Arthur's sister are back in Warkings a new album "MORGANA" (2022-Nov-11)

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[Photo Credit: Matthias Schwaighofer / Schwaighofer-Art]

Warrior friends, here is a warning! Be careful! Because the Kings of War are back, yes the Warkings are back! One more battlefield with powerful ally Morgana le Fay, the legendary sorceress who joins all of your upcoming battles. Yes, Arthur's sister and lover of lost souls joins the fearsome Four Kings in the fourth chapter of the Warkings saga, which on 11th of November 2022 will be available to the public through Napalm Records!

Along with the start of pre-order and album announcement, the mighty kings release their first single and official music video "Monsters" feat. Morgana le Fay. This is the first time the "wicked" witch has lent her voice to a "WARKINGS" song - and it won't be the last! "Monsters" tells about the evil in all of us, and is Morgana's first opportunity to tell humanity her own version of her story. The new single comes with a strong official video!

The mighty WARKINGS state:

“We traveled the realms of the living to bring back Morgana and she will release her inner monster. The witch is back…to cast her spells again.”

Forging their musical steel in the tradition of Powerwolf, Sabaton, HammerFall and Running Wild, the WARKINGS burst onto the battlefields in 2018. They gathered theirWarriors around the world and entered the Official German Album Charts 2021 at #13 with Revolution. Gathered in the golden halls of Valhalla, the four ancient kings – a roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan – are now back with Morgana, having already escaped from the underworld, fought the Monarchs of the dusk and called for Revolution.

WARKINGS on Morgana:</