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The Greeks "Scar of The Sun", always emphasized social injustice in their scientific lyrics, together with the pleasant sound of modern metal!

In the country of the Gods of Olympus, this modern Metal band is about to typically reach another level in the head banger or metal head culture, as they prefer calling it, with the release of their third album, "Inertia", which will be released by Napalm Records a May 14, 2021.

With a Melodic Metal in a progressive approach, he develops a path, a direct continuation of his self demo titled "Demo", from 2005, to later produce the debut of the album "A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies" of 2011, and consequently the second album " In Flood "2016.

After sharing the stage with artists like "Dark Tranquility" and "Insomnium", as well as with fellow Rotting Christ, "Scar of The Sun", the specific name was created with a magnificently exceptional ability to mix heavy sound with a sonority of dynamic riffs that transport us to another level. The first track of the album "Inertia", is the song "I Am The Circle", in which we can verify by the captivating official video of the successful band. With an exciting flavor, the riffs kick off this mind-boggling journey of modern metal smasher, alternating with key moments of speed, as seen in the vocal ability of frontman Terry Nikas.

[Photo credit: Cristina Alossi]

Vocalist Terry Nikas on the first single: “New, heavier and groovier SCAR OF THE SUN, but always catchy! Years of fighting compressed our anger in a few minutes shape!”

Pre-Order SCAR OF THE SUN's new album Inertia, via Napalm Records NOW!

On "Inertia", Scar of The Sun utilizes scientific terminology to transmit their impassioned messages of difficult trials and social awareness lyrically, conveying an overarching theme that reflects one of society’s heaviest burdens – that financial gain has flourished at the expense of humanity and the livelihoods of everyday people. Terry Nikas about the album: “Third strike, this album is our punch to the world disarray! The most aggressive album we’ve done so far indicates our current intentions! The main concept of "Inertia" deals with how financial interests act against the lives of everyday normal people, no matter where you come from, since profit knows no ethics and nationalities. We become lab rats and we struggle in our everyday life while at the same time that extreme minority that runs the financial interests see people like numbers and value our lives like ants. These are matters that concern and annoy me and I had to get them out of my chest.”

SCAR OF THE SUN on the video for “I Am The Circle”: "’I Am The Circle’ is the first video from our upcoming album Inertia. It acts as a dynamic and direct introduction to our sound and band presence. The video was directed by Achilleas Gatsopoulos who has been responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the band since the beginning. The look is a solid combination of raw performance and our distinct graphic design approach. We will explore the world of Inertia even deeper with the release of the next videos in the following months, leading to the release of the album in May.”

Watch the official music video for “I Am The Circle” HERE:

[shot & directed by Achilleas Gatsopoulos]

Instrumental intro “Hydrogen” stirs things up before kicking in with hard-hitting title track “Inertia”, evoking a truly thunderous verse and, propelled by blasting drums, leads into an undeniably catchy chorus, while the “Quantum Leap Zero”-trilogy conveys very intense and dramatic events that occured in Greece in 2015: Suppression, rise/revolution and huge defeat in the end. Beginning with “Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control”, SCAR OF THE SUN unveils a whole new instrumental facet of the record, splicing their soundscapes with distinctively desolate vibes. “Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence”, on the other hand, calls for an untamed storm to annihilate everything, followed by atmospheric “Oxygen”, smashing “The Fallible Experiment” and poignant trilogy-closer “Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust”. Inertia ends with “Anastasis” (Greek for “resurrection”), an intense track about the terrible pain of losing someone you love. With this closer, SCAR OF THE SUN manages to put agony into words and turn this palpable despair into emotive music.