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NYTT LAND to Release Gothic Western-Inspired EP Ritual: Blood of the West - 18th November 2022

[Photo Credit: Anatoly Pakhalenko, Natalia Pakhalenko / Kalachinsk, “Kolhoz record”]

NYTT LAND leaves on another melodic excursion to dim, western boondocks with their forthcoming EP, "Ritual: Blood of the West", to be delivered carefully through Napalm Records on 18th of November, 2022. In light of tracks from their most recent collection, Custom, that have been adjusted in country style, NYTT LAND get back with unblemished understandings of their own tunes rethought in gothic society and western-enlivened ways

As a first taste of the EP NYTT LAND present their most up to date single "Dim Country. Custom". Charming time with their spellbinding songs and hair-raising throat singing, the band coaxes audience members to a soul world loaded up with old divine beings and legends of the old west.

NYTT LAND state on “Dark Country. Ritual”:

"Old Ritual went through its rebirth in a new sound, new form and comprehension. And it was in the gothic atmosphere of the old west that he was born again. Ritual continues, prepare for the Ritual!"

Following their practices and association with nature, NYTT LAND coordinates its powers toward another domain, abandoning the unpleasant grounds of the north and leaving on a sonic excursion in five spellbinding melodies. Remaining specifically devoted to old legends and adjusting to the calm hints of the west, opening melody “Dark Country Ritual” not just shows NYTT LAND's commitment to their own heritage, yet opens the EP with a captivating, surrounding new sound, rising and falling like smoke. On "The Blues of Ragnarok" and "Song of U-Gra" the band flexes brand name vocal methodology with bringing drones tenderly divert the audience to one more mental state, conveying more peaceful forms of the firsts without losing their profundity and old topical importance. "Dead Man’s Ballad" recounts to its story like a coyote yelling at the moon, offering a strange yet mitigating mix of guitar and vocals that reconsider the band's dull people substance. "Blood of the West" shuts the EP with acoustic guitar instrumentals that call the spirits of the west and leaves the audience captivated, prompted in the peaceful, old hints of the prairies.

Follow NYTT LAND's spiritualist vocals and mesmerizing guitar sounds on an excursion into an entirely different soul domain with Ritual: Blood of the West.

NYTT LAND on the new EP:

"We've said many times that country and blues music are some of our favorite music genres. This EP is our tribute and memory to those great musicians who stood at the very origins of American country and blues music, those whose music inspires us daily. For us, working on this album has become the most unusual, but at the same time extremely interesting experience. And we really love that we did it!"


  1. Dark Country. Ritual

  2. The Blues of Ragnarok

  3. Dead Man’s Ballad

  4. Song of U-Gra

  5. Blood of the West

Check out NYTT LAND live on tour in South America:

08.10.22 MX – Mexico City / HDX Circus Bar

09.10.22 MX – Guadalajara / Fecha y Hora

13.10.22 CO – Bogotá / Ozzy Company

14.10.22 CO – Medellin / Barnaby Jones Bar

16.10.22 CL – Santiago / Salarbx

And with Faun throughout Europe:

19.10.22 NL - Venlo / Grenswerk

20.10.22 NL - Utrecht / Tivoli Pandora

21.10.22 FR - Paris / Cabernet Sauvage

22.10.22 FR - Rennes / L'Etage

23.10.22 FR - Bordeaux / Krakatoa

25.10.22 SP - Madrid / Shoko

26.10.22 SP - Barcelona / Salamandra

27.10.22 FR - Lyon / Ninkasi Kao

28.10.22 IT - Milano / Live Music Club

02.03.23 DK - Copenhagen / Pumpehuset

03.03.23 SE - Stockholm / Fryshuset Klubben

04.03.23 NO - Oslo / Vulkan Arena

05.03.23 SE - Gothenburg / Pustervik

07.03.23 FI - Helsinki / Tavastia

08.03.23 EE - Tallinn / Tapper

09.03.23 LV - Riga / Melna Piektdiena

10.03.23 PL - Warsaw / Proxima

11.03.23 PL - Krakau / Hol

12.03.23 CZ - Prague / Meet factory