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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The new album, can be strange for your ears, Moonspell maded the option to sing in Portuguese, who turns the album AMAZING.

1755, was the year of the gigantic earthquake and a brutal Tsunami in Lisbon, Portugal. All the Portuguese capital was destroyed and had to be rebuilded from the ashes. Moonspell, in oldest works, used the Lusitania idiom in theyre songs as, Alma Mater, this is a great Album where they sing Desastre in Castellano (Spanish), a great open door for the fans in America Latina, a very good cover on "Lanterna dos Afogados" from the Brazilian band "Paralama do Sucesso", in 1755 the songs are in Camus idiom. It is amazing how can they grow up as musicians like this way, if some one out there wasn´t expecting the Moonspell could grow up as musicians the Portuguese band just reply with 1755. Some of you are expecting the English version but in Portuguese one is just something else. Well come back MOONSPELL

1755 the New Moonspell album, by Napalm Records, is in the market since last November.

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