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GRAVE DIGGER - GRAVE DIGGER Release Brand New Lyric Video for "Barbarian"

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Iconic Heavy Metal Titans GRAVE DIGGER Release Brand New Lyric Video for “Barbarian” | Watch NOW Final Part of Epic Highlands Trilogy, Fields Of Blood, out now | Buy HERE Fields Of Blood Tour 2021 Announced!

via Napalm Records

GRAVE DIGGER on “Barbarian”:

"BARBARIAN ... the new Grave Digger single "Barbarian" from the album Fields of Blood is Teutonic steel in its purest form. No prisoners are taken here ... you can feel how Cumberland pushes the "Highland Cleanings" and how whole villages are getting destroyed. He violates the Highlander women and kills everything in his way. His indescribable Cruelty is unparalleled in the history of Scotland. "Barbarian" will become another band classic Chorus will be hammered in your head... 'Cold blooded murderer, Killer of the Jacobites, Butcher of Culloden, Cumberland the BARBARIAN.' "

After 40 years, Grave Digger sounds modern, Old School Metal in here, pure steel, witch nevertheless, surprises on this 40th anniversary German Metal Band. This emotional journey through Scottish history, on "Fields Of Blood" instantly makes us dream and be apart in historic battlefields of Stirling.

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