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Plaguemace - Announce Debut Album, "Reptilian Warlords", out on 17th November, 2023

PLAGUEMACE - the new generation of old-school death metal from Denmark
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From Northern Europe, the death metal band "Plaguemace" is preparing to release their grandiose debut album, "Reptilian Warlords" on 17 November 2023 via Napalm Records! The three-year-old band has already released the incredible single, "Impenetrable Leather". The Danish quintet launched their six-track EP, Primal Priest, in November 2020.

Since their first live appearance, they have played twenty-five concerts, many of them as headliners and as support bands for Baest, Katla and Crocell. During the spring of 2023, they were here in the UK as the support band for "Nervosa", followed by "Left To Die".

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(Photo credit: Malene Vinge)

PLAGUEMACE on “Impenetrable Leather”:

“’Impenetrable Leather’ is a short ferocious onslaught, depicting the ruthless brutality of the barbarian war clan. Armed with nothing but skin made of impenetrable leather, these brutes show absolutely no mercy as they mow down the enemy.”

With breakdowns and spectacular grooves, as we can hear at the beginning of the album, "Cannibalicious", Plaguemace take us to entrancing worlds in "Rhymthmic Demise" or "Warcries From The Crypts". Trumpet and trombone contribute to a warlike and threatening atmosphere. So what about the track "Reptilian Warlords"? It's simply fantastic and they close with "Carnivore"!

There's no doubt that fans of bands like Grave, High on Fire, Entombed and Obituary will enjoy the first full-length album from one of the most promising bands of the new generation of old-school death metal.

PLAGUEMACE on Reptilian Warlords:

“Reptilian Warlords is the first in a series of concept albums taking place in our own fictional universe. The story has been torn apart chronologically, and will be put together throughout this, and the following releases. So stay tuned to find out what happens next. The themes of Reptilian Warlords include ANGER, VENGEANCE, DESIRE, WAR and ENRAGING BLOODTHIRST.”


Reptilian Warlords tracklisting:

1. Cannibalicious

2. Impenetrable Leather

3. Cavedweller’s Solliloquy

4. Rhythmic Demise

5. Warcries from the Crypts

6. Among the Filth

7. Reptilian Warlords

8. Misantropical Breed

9. Ambrosia

10. Carnivore


Andreas Truelsen – Vocals

Simon Truelsen – Guitar

Anton Holm Smidstrup – Guitar, Vocals

Ruben Brandt – Bass

Matias Zacho – Drums