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Casablanca is preparing a new album and Mgmeia has been listening to the new work! Keep tuned!

We've been in "Underground Music - Studio", Pontinha in Portugal with CASABLANCA listening to the preparation of their yet-to-be-remastered new work, without vocals, with only the instrumental track.

Mgmeia had the privilege of listening to 4 of the new tracks from Casablanca's next album.

After a meeting between Mgmeia's CEO's and Anticorpos D.I.Y., our Dutch partner, in Cascais, Portugal, with the tight genda of our founder, it was time to go! Invited by Casablanca, to listen to their new work, still in secret of the Gods, in the Underground Music - Studio, in Pontinha, near Benfica.

After a warm welcome by the Figueira brothers, and some Portuguese beers, it was time to enter the studio to have the privilege of hearing first hand the new work.

Without revealing too much about the content, we can say that this new album will be a pleasant surprise, in which the instrumental will leave the old school metalheads amazed.

Mário Granado (Mgmeia Founder CEO) said:

"Being invited to listen to Casablanca's new work is an honor, for Mgmeia and for me personally. I never thought I would be with one of my idols from my teenage years, when I saw them play under the name VALIUM, when I was 15 years old. I remember like it was yesterday, in Santo António dos Cavaleiros (Loures, Portugal) with my friend José Marques, in what was, I believe, the first Metal festival in Portugal (1984) or at least in SAC. Spending the end of the afternoon with Casablanca couldn't close better my business stay in the Portuguese capital.

About the new work I can say that it is something that will not disappoint metal fans. On the contrary, it is a pleasant surprise in terms of instrumentals. The experience gained over all these years makes this album brilliant and amazing".

We want to remind you that Casablanca have a new album coming out soon, stay tuned and headbanging a lot!

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