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WIZARDTHRONE Releases New Single & Video - “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia”

New Album, "Hypercube Necrodimensions", will be out on July 16 via Napalm Records.

[Photo Credit: Triumph 3 Obliterator-XXT, Tina Korhonen, Randy Edwards, Ann-Marie Bell, Bryce Chapman]

WIZARDTHRONE, or we could properly call the Worldly Metal Wizards superior strength of cosmic dimensions!

Light-years from Earth in another Galaxy or in another mystical dimension, THRONE-FEITICE resurfaces! Through vivid multi-universes steeped in classic science fiction in the spirit of HP Lovecraft through a widely established technical death, the power of symphonic black metal, "Hypercube Necrodimensions" which will be released on July 16 via Napalm Records is a bombastic journey through hyperspace and realities from another world. Featuring members from Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Forlorn Citadel, Nekrogoblinkon and more, the musical brilliance of WIZARDTHRONE is absolutely undeniable.

Last 20th, the power of Extreme Wizard Metal released the first single and video from Hypercube Necrodimensions! With an orchestral, rich and dramatic production, WIZARD THRONE sets the stage with “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia”, gently pulling the listener into the vibrant multiverse of "Hypercube Necrodimensions".

Spectacular melodic death riffs find dynamic synth lines and airtight explosive beats - just a rare glimpse of what can be naturally expected from the complete triumphant album!

WIZARDTHRONE’s Guitarist/Songwriter M. Archistrategos Barber says:

“After months of ceaseless work behind closed doors and against overwhelming odds we're proud to finally unleash 'Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia'! This is just a taste of our debut full-length record, 'Hypercube Necrodimensions' - a multifaceted and unpredictable tour de force through the entire universe of heavy metal and beyond. Bear witness to the birth of Extreme Wizard Metal!”

Featuring guest appearances from Aleksi Munter (SWALLOW THE SUN/INSOMNIUM),Florian Magnus Maier(DARK FORTRESS/ALKALOID) and Evan Berry (WILDERUN), Hypercube Necrodimensionsis a spectacular display of WIZARDTHRONE’s musical finesse, constantly pushing the boundaries of heavy metal and thus offering a one-of-a-kind extreme wizard metal listening experience!

Hypercube Necrodimensions will be available on digipack CD bundled with an exclusive Shirt and as a black gatefold LP, as well as marbled curacao/green vinyl (limited to 300) and as a digital album.

New Album, Hypercube Necrodimensions, out July 16 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order HERE

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