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Stalker - "Ripped to Pieces" and "Kneel & Workship" are on via Napalm records.

[photo credit: Hannah Chapman]

Speed metal triplet STALKER are on a blasting roll with two full length discharges under their projectile belts. Presently in the "Year of the Beast", 2022 imprints one more clump of Necronomicon-prompted mantras from STALKER, as the band delivers a 12" double single as their fourth contribution, Wrenching Malevolence! The delivery will be revealed to the world on November 4, 2022 through Napalm Records. Vast detestable will regurgitate from the melodic cauldron as Daif, Nick, and Chris have concocted two puncturing cuts, “Ripped to Pieces” and “Kneel & Worship”.

Today, “Ripped to Pieces” has been released alongside an authority video and runs with wild speed towards the top. There is no halting this quickly moving train to damnation that STALKER is leading! As said on “Ripped to Pieces”: "You'll know his name. With no spot to stow away. Written in fire."

Never stirring things up around town, STALKER's underground troublemaker mentality presents another age that joins metal and rock n' roll with no problem at all. The gathering's 2017 full length debut, Shadow of the Sword, carried another voice to the speed metal scene as the band battered their direction through the underground metal world with 10 riff-stuffed tracks of unadulterated Judas Priest, Motorhead and Venom love! Before long, fans celebrated as the band delivered their vigorously anticipated sophomore collection, Black Majik Terror, in 2020. The collection brought one more invasion of unadulterated speed metal clamor loaded up with additional power and more riffs, charming metalheads and rock n' rollers to open up mosh pits left and right!

STALKER on “Ripped to Pieces”:

"What lays ahead?

Where will you go?

Fate is what you make,

But tonight you’ll be….Ripped to Pieces"

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