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SASAMASO - They were first formed in 2002, before disbanding in 2013

The oldest thrash metal band from the island of Madagascar is also the first female fronted one. Sasamaso means "Clean your eyes." The groundbreaking band writes their lyrics in malagasy (native language from Madagascar) and don't shy away from violent, morbid themes. Inspired by Sepultura and Obituary, as well as traditional sounds from Madagascar, they are led by the singer RaSah. The band comes from the notoriously violent 67ha neighborhood and openly talk about the effect it had on them.

They're signed on the French label Legion of Death records and are currently touring Madagascar.

Madagascar Flag

Country of origin: Madagascar Location:Antananarivo, Antananarivo

Status:ActiveFormed in:2002 Genre:Thrash/Death Metal Lyrical themes:NI

Current label:Legion of death Record Years active:2002-2012, 2017-present