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Ektomorf - Releases New Video for Thrash Banger “Fear Me”

New Album, Reborn, out Now via Napalm Records

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Ektomorf |Photo Credit: Natàlia Magda| mgmeia
\m/ Photo Credit: Natàlia Magda \m/

Born in Hungary in 1994, the Trash Metal band presents their new work, "Reborn".In their 27 years of life, Ektomorf has already performed at renowned festivals such as WACKEN, SummerBreeze, With Full Force and Bang Your Head.

They come from a small town with 7000 people near the Romanian border, Mezokovacshaza. The band's founder, and the only member of the original Ektomorf lineup, Zoltán Farkas, introduced himself as the songwriter and leader of the band. With his past of gypsy origin and clearly visible in his face, he was confronted in his life with the racism that harmed his life. Because of this, Ektomorf had to opt for an international career for years. The band's breath of relief came when Danish Producer Tue Madsen crossed paths in 2003.

Today, 2021/07/07 via Napalm Records they release the new album of the formation called "Reborn".

Ektomorf - the name was born from the band's first guitarist, Mihaly Janó from Mongolia, who had a sister who owned a bookstore. In that bookstore there was a magazine called EKTOMORF which Zoltán loved to read. "All the bands had English names, and why not Ektomorf which is in Latin", thought Farkas. The logo appeared later. A very old symbol of a warrior tribe in Mongolia which was worn on the forehead of the Chief of the tribe and which means "Freedom for a long life", and they decided to use it.

Since their debut, Hangok (1994), the four-piece around singer/guitarist Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas has regularly delivered new power to their devotees. With their return to form on Reborn, EKTOMORF impressively showcase their undeniable thrash metal power. Today, they’ve released a new video for their single “Fear Me” off Reborn!

Guitarist & Singer Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas about “Fear Me”:

One more video from the Reborn album, dedicated to the EKTOMORF family across the globe! I hope this will make your day! “Fear Me“ is tight and heavy riffing, with some amazing harmonies in the mid part. I send this song to those in my life who deserve it on a maximum level! You’re welcome to do the same.”

Only three years after the release of their chart-breaking full-length, Fury (2018), Reborn ignites a blazing fire with its heavy sound and harsh lyrics that will burn any genre limitations to the ground. Their 15th studio album breathes the spirit of the “Big Four” – Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth – while at the same time, beginning a completely independent new chapter of EKTOMORF.

Reborn Track Listing:

1 - Ebullition

2 - Reborn

3 - And the Dead Will Walk

4 - Fear Me

5 - Where the Hate Conceives

6 - The Worst is Yet to Come</