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Norse Heavy Metal Legends EINHERJER Release Third Single and Video “West Coast Groove

New Album, "North Star", went out last Friday, February 26.

Re-mastered version of legendary debut album, "Dragons Of The North."

Viking Metal pioneers, EINHERJER, released their eighth studio album, "North Star", on Friday, February 26, proving their status as the pioneers of Nordic Black Metal and Folk Metal in pure Nordic Heavy Metal.

The album marks the band's return to Napalm Records after 25 years, and the release of their legendary 1996 album "Dragons Of The North", which was re-released as a remastered version on February 26th.

To celebrate the double release, EINHERJER has just released its third single, "West Coast Groove", along with an animated video. Old school heavy metal found the dark atmosphere of Viking Metal - the EINHERJER are at their best and are once again proving their status as pioneers of the genre after more than 25 years!

EINHERJER on “West Coast Groove”: There is a massive portion of rock’n’roll spirit in most of the stuff we do these days. As we grow older I find it more natural to let our influences shine through as we see fit. “West Coast Groove” is a solid fist in the air for the heavy metal we love, and to the place that's been an essential part of our inspiration since day one. A tribute to our hometurf!”

Frode Glesnes on the video and the collaboration with Costin Chioreanu: “We've worked with Costin Chioreanu for many years now, and he has become a dear friend. He's been to Haugesund several times. He knows where we're at and what we seek and I think he portrays this beautifully in this animated movie. My initial reaction was to laugh out loud while the hair stood up on the back of my neck. A rare combination!”

"North Star" was recorded after the Covid-19 pandemic at "Studio Borealis", owned by founding member and long time mentor Frode Glesnes. The raw production blends in perfectly with its predecessor Norrone Spor and instantly makes "North Star" probably the most powerful album yet by EINHERJER! It is like a musical mission towards something more massive - the search for the orientation of the North Star in a constantly changing world in search of stability.

EINHERJER on "North Star": "North Star is our 8th full length album, and follows in the, Norse, tracks of Norrone Spor. The North Star is a symbol with numerous meanings. It can be guidance, or it can be a personal mission. Something to reach for. It's the Anchor of the Northern Sky. We need something steady in this rapidly shifting world we live in. The North Star album is us reaching for something greater. Developing ourselves through a musical journey in classic Einherjer style – no bullshit, just proper Norse Heavy Metal!”

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