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Asko Argillander & Blue Flame - "Cold Hand", a mix of hard rock and 60's rock from Finland

In these wanderings, with new and interesting sounds, we have been following in silence some bands in this style for a long time, but we can't miss this song in vain, "Cold Hand", by Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame.

"Cold Hand", mixes Hard Rock with sounds of the old West, where this song could fit perfectly in a modern Western movie. Even because the lyrics tell a very interesting little story that could also fit in Nordic tales and legends.

"Cold Hand" a very inviting instrumental composition that will not let you stay static on the floor, a super well worked bass and a backing vocal doing an excellent job, as we can hear at minute 2:50 before the entrance of the solo, of guitar that by the way, connects the rock with touches of vibrato perlonging the notes as if it were country.

Recently they was proud and humble to announce that they have been invited to represent Finland in worldwide- charity stream-concert wakeup, rise up-Live Peace- event.

For this event we recorded a new Single "If I can Dream"- Elvis Presley-cover for the song's powerful message and heart-felt lyrics. Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame Charity target was "Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto MLL" Band is in the studio at the time writing new songs which will be published end of last year, 2022.

What more can we say about this excellent band from Finland, with an amazing vocalist? Just to invite you to subscribe to their youtube channel, and follow them on their excellent journey.

"... if you're looking for new sounds to inspire you then listen to the track "Cold Hand"... "

Mário Granado in Radar Alternativo interview Nov 2022

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