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Weronika Rauba
Singer - Songwriter - From U.K.
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Weronika Rauba

Weronika Rauba or Berenike as her artistic name is. Polish singer and talented songwriter, born in 1988 in little town called Goldap, Poland, near from Russian board. Her grand passion for singing started at age of five when she naturally started performing admirably in school and local church choirs.

Afterward, Berenike progressively developed musical education in “First level Music Acadamy” in Goldap. Weronika joined school choir and the Brass Orchestra playing first trumpet and travel around the Europe giving the best shows for years. When she was 20, she moved to England and focused on her dear son and family. When she could focus more on music again, she joined the punk rock band called “Endorphin” as a vocalist and songwriter. In 2017 she was singing in her acoustic project called, “Lilith Keep” and she appeared on “Warborn Festival” in Selby and local gigs in Hull. Overtime in years Berenike joined couple of metal bands when she could practice her growling skills. In 2019 Rauba become a part of a Leeds formation called “Blood4bones”. They composed three tracks and videos together like, “Inside of me”, “Blame” and “Broken Voice". At the moment Berenike is looking for a new band where she can combine growling and screaming with her clean vocals.

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Weronika Rauba mgmeia 001.jpg
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