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EP "Preso" will be available next 

14th of January for online download

Ovelha Negra - Counts with a single released on the market in 2017, entitled "Preso". The band's first concert was organized by the renowned "Viana Organization" in Luanda's Rocker community called "Dead Zone", in the "Avião" venue on September the 12th, 2015 becoming then this date, the commemoration of the band's official foundation. The band was part of many events like the Rap VS. Rock at Yellow House organized by Boy Fly Entertainment, tbm was part of the Battle of the Bands organized by Kavalera Entertainment and NeoVibe. He won the contest of Radio 96.5 Fm Stereo competing with great artists by obtaining the majority of votes during a month of campaign with the track titled "Preso", a track that is competing for the Angola Music Awards 2018 in the category of BEST ROCK.

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