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Instrumental Metal Band - now for hire

Based in Viseu, Behind the REDGIANT was formed in 2010 with Rui Costa on bass, Ricardo Sousa on guitar and Joao Sousa on drums. Shortly after, Pedro Ribeiro joined the band on keyboards. 
Intercalculating with some periods of complete inactivity, the formation of the band changing. The last changes happened after 2017, when the guitarist Alexandre Sousa joined the band. The guitarist Alexandre Sousa (ex. "Blackbird") and already in 2020, before starting the 
recording the album "How far is far away?", Alexandre Tomas (ex. Fingertips) to the 
for the drums. 

In 2021 the conditions were met to start recording their debut album. 
The recording and mixing continued until the end of the year, with the producer and Dennis Koehne, German producer and sound engineer, took over the mastering. Remember that Dennis Koehne has already worked with names such as Lacuna Coil, Sodom, Moonspell, among many others.


At the end of the work with Behind the REDGIANT he wrote in a social network: 

"the band Behind the REDGIANT asked me to master their 
album, which is an excellent instrumental rock/metal, performed at a very high level 
( ... .) I had the pleasure to master the complete album of the talented instrumental
instrumental prog metal band Behind the REDGIANT (. . .). 
The album "How far is far away?" is inspired by the mysterious beauty of the cosmos. Tern na astrophysics, mathematics and sciences in general its main creative references. 

Behind the REDGIANT are: 
Alexandre Tomas on drums 
Rui Costa on bass 
Alexandre Sousa on guitar 
Ricardo Sousa on guitar _G5gPTAeOjw1 FLvVPOQ

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