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Alex Ferry
Musician - Coach - Composer - Singer - Covers - From Portugal
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Alex Ferry



Alex Ferry is a self-taught Rock'n'Roller who started creating his own rearrangements of other artists' songs, resulting in a work he started in Germany, in acoustic and solo.
Later, already in Portugal, Alex was evolving his technique and repertoire, creating "UИO", a covers project related to what he had previously presented, being a covers project of musicians from bands like MUSE, NIRVANA, The Beatles, GREEN DAY, INXS, Radiohead, Kodaline, António Variações, Toranja, Artic Monkeys, The Dear Hunter and many more, with a mix of about 7o themes of different types and musical strands like "OLDIES", "BALADAS", "POP", "POP-ROCK", "ROCK", "GRUNGE", etc. ... performing in acoustic and/or electric. There is never a performance with the same repertoire
Alex chose to be a street musician in the summer of 2022, presenting part of his repertoire without taboos and without amplification, in squares and esplanades, obtaining very positive results and emotionally "out of the box" with invaded audiences that he involved during the summer.
Alex is in progression and leaving the streets for bars and live music venues, having got for already a second element on guitar, being starting a new covers project with two more elements, called "UИINVERSO" being in process of choice and relationship, as is the case of Lewis Greenstrings, a gifted young man on guitar, who took by option to join Alex in his projects, creating a fuller and more pleasant sound.
Alex Ferry has also been working in his first album, being soon the recording of his originals, that sometimes also presents in the performances, giving his natural tone emphasis and alternative style in the guitar.
In Alex?s performances either with "UИO" or "UИINVERSO" are almost always used scenarios to engage with the audience, as in the project "Unplugged in ... ", which is a tribute project to NIRVANA, in which the album Unplugged in New York is presented, solo, as a duo or with more elements and instruments, upon request of the hosts, with a crude light and candle ornaments, imitating as much as possible the scenario of this well-known and highly regarded album in acoustic, of a band that turned the page from alternative Rock'n'Roll to "GRUNGE".

For more about Alex, follow the pages and profiles, listen to the songs on the available platforms, that the sound will tell you everything!

With an ongoing project in the area of coaching, COASIC, will operate throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, between 1000 and 2200, and on 
Saturdays from 1000 to 18h. 
The participants will acquire intellectual, knowledge and development in 
emotional intelligence, based on the works of Daniel Goleman, Carl Jung and John Viudes with support 
in the works of philosophers such as Alan Watts, Jiddu Kirschnamurti and parallel influences in the area of 
development and psychology, led by the Coach in emotional intelligence and 
Human Development, Behavioural Analyst and CoasiC Representative Administrator,
Cláudio Da Encarnação, through Coaching processes, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and 
behavioural analysis. 

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