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WIND ROSE Reveals Anthemic New Single “Together We Rise” Warfront, out June 10 2022

Wind of Rose [Photo Credit: Tommaso Barletta, Claudio Falconcini]
[Photo Credit: Tommaso Barletta, Claudio Falconcini]

The mighty dwarves of power metal, are back after the excellent work done in 2019, "Wintersaga", the Italians return with their war axes sharp on their new album "Warfront" which will be released by Napalm records on June 10, 2022!

On their new single "Together We Rise", the solid riffs, feel like heroic chants! This song stands out naturally on the new work, "Warfront", as if it were a call to the brotherhood of the various factions of the dwarven armies. With over 30 million streams on Spotify, according to Napalm Records, as well as on Youtube, with the latest album, "Wintersaga", "Warfront" is one of the most anticipated albums in Power Metal!

WIND ROSE on 'Together We Rise':

"'Together We Rise' is a new, heavy piece of metal forged and struck from the anvil; it comes from deep underground. It is the sound of a thousand blacksmiths creating weapons for the greatest dwarven army of the century."

The metallic dwarven powerhouse WIND ROSE regresses with their powerful new battle anthem!

The quintet of Italians from Pisa, who follow a huge breakthrough with their explosively viral reimagining of the Minecraft-themed anthem "DiggyDiggy Hole" (with over 30 million views on YouTube) - resurface with ten heroic songs to properly prepare for battle. The monumental opening "Of War and Sorrow" pave the way for the "Stone Army", instantly getting their blood pumping as the leading power and folk metal injected hook kicks in - a feat that WIND ROSE expertly displays through "Warfront"!However vast the terrific storm, however icy the winter chill, WIND ROSE's sense for sensational hooks and riffs, topped by FrancescoCavalieri's distinctive voice, careens them to the forefront of their dark and sinister contemporaries, without shedding their unique weight and grit!

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Shortly after "WIND ROSE" instantly push their songwriting to the max on the multi-phase "I Am the Mountain", they quickly take a step back to build upmomentum from the ground up before launching the listener into Warfront's grand finale, "Tomorrow Has Come" - a tradition of unparalleled battle, atmosphere and top notch production all come together for one of the most anticipated power metal albums of the year! "WIND ROSE" efficiently delivers limitless amounts of dwarven adventure, dramatic orchestral arrangements and sheer fun on "Warfront" - replay value guaranteed!

WIND ROSE on Warfront:

"We are reallyproud to announce the releaseof ‘Warfront’; it's an important milestone for our career and a big game changer in terms of quality of songwriting and music videos.

We want to give you an ultimate fantasy experience, making it to the next level of epicness and bringing you on the battlefield with us.”

Warfront tracklist:

  1. Of War and Sorrow

  2. Army of Stone

  3. Tales of War

  4. Fellows of the Hammer

  5. Together We Rise

  6. Gates of Ekrund

  7. One Last Day

  8. The Battle of the Five Armies

  9. I Am the Mountain

  10. Tomorrow Has Come

New Album, Warfront, out June 10, 2022 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!


Francesco Cavalieri - Vocals

Claudio Falconcini - Guitars

Federico Meranda - Keyboards

Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass

Federico Gatti – Drums

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