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One of the best voices in the earlier '80s. Karen Lynn Greening best know by Lee Aaron

One of the best voices in the earlier '80s. Born in 1962 in Canada under name of Karen Lynn Greening. Her debut album was "The Lee Aaron Project" in 1982 it was a great album in Canada. Although the album was available in England only as an imported. Aaron was invited to appear later that year at "Reading Festival".

The beauty of the young rocker, with twenty years old, in 1982, it did not go unnoticed by the public eyes and she was invited to pose in topless for the men's magazine "OUI", in New york. Lately, in 1983, she concluded that was a big mistake and damaged her musical credibility, posing for "OUI". Lee Aaron blames her manager to pressure her to do it. In 1984, the guitar John Albani, joined the band to record one of the best sellers records of Lee Aaron, the "METAL QUEEN". But in 1995, two new projects with the members of "Sons of Freedom", makes her dropped the name "Lee Aaron" and used her real name, Karen. Neither of these recordings was commercially successful, and shortly afterwards, the band broke up.

In 2000, Karen (Lee Aaron) after performing jazz and blues, in Toronto, she realised a jazz album, "Slick Chick". Several jazz festivals across Canada and Europe, made in 2002 approached to audition with the " Modern Baroque Opera Company".

Aaron still plays, rock and Jazz. In 2011 she played in Sweden at the "Sweden Rock Festival".

In 2016 she released her first rock album in twenty years. "Fire and Gasoline" was self-financed on her own. In 2017 she played in several shows in Germany and two separate gigs in London.

Anyway for us, old school metalheads, she all ways be Lee Aaron the "METAL QUEEN".


Mário Granado - MGMEIA CEO & Chairman

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