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Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends) - is out since 5 of August, 2022

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Einherjer mgmeia
Photo Credit: Jørgen Freim

Einherjer is a Viking metal band from Haugesund, Norway, founded in 1993. Some of the band's albums are heavily folk influenced, while others have a more traditional symphonic black metal sound. Their lyrics retell Norse legends, and each of their albums has its own theme. The band split up in early 2004 after releasing the album Blot in December 2003, but later reformed.

In December 2004, all members of Einherjer's last lineup, including the band's founders Frode Glesnes and Gerhard Storesund, founded the thrash metal band Battered together with bass guitarist Ole Moldesæther.

In September 2008, Einherjer announced that they would reunite to do some selected shows across Europe in 2009, including the Ragnarök, Kaltenbach and Wacken festivals. The band signed with Indie Recordings in December 2010; their first album in eight years, Norrøn was released in September 2011. Einherjer has since released three more studio albums, and the latest one, North Star, was released on February 26, 2021.

"Dragons of North," is the latest and next release from the fantastic band EINHERJER. It will be part of their third single before their live album (Live... From The Land Of Legends). It is one of their trademark songs, which was released 25 years ago on their 1996 debut album "Dragons Of The North", offering some powerful vocals, heavy drums and guitar, marking more than one of the band's main themes.

"Norse And Dangerous" (Live... From The Of Legends) was recorded in Haugesund, the band's hometown, in February last year, on the occasion of the release of the "North Star" album, having a huge impact on the media as well as fans in the Czech Republic, Denmark and the UK.

The pioneers of Viking Metal - EINHERJER - unleash incredible power live!

Once again, relying on a sinister sound, they leave their signature after 30 years in Viking Metal, with 8 studio albums and two Ep's. This year they earned a nomination for the "Spellemann" award, the most important music award in Norway.

"Norse And Dangerous" (Live... From The Land Of Legends) departs with a great opening from their latest studio album "West Coast Groove" (North Star). To show the technical sophistication, EINHERJER on "The Spirit Of A Thousand Years", does one of the best guitar solos, then offers an energetic explosion with "Kill The Flame" with its characteristic riff.

But the band doesn't stop with the latest songs! After visiting several other favorites, the band quickly returns to days of yore with tracks like "Dragons Of The North" and "Ballad Of The Swords" from their 1996 debut, before closing with the turn-of-the-century banger "Ironbound" and the classic tune "Far Far North." The live contrast between their formative hits and more recent orchestrations clearly proves that the band has stayed true to themselves over the decades, continually producing an authentic sound.

EINHERJER on the live album Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends):

"With no concerts in a year and new blood in our ranks, we recorded the two hometown release shows just to get an idea of what we sounded like live in 2021. It only took one listen to realize that our fans would appreciate this as much as we did. EINHERJER live is an energetic experience. We want everyone to hear it, so here is our first live album, recorded live on our home turf in front of many familiar faces. The document of a great night!"

Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends) mgmeia
Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends)

Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends) tracklist:

1. West Coast Groove

2. The Spirit Of A Thousand Years

3. The Blood & The Iron

4. Kill The Flame

5. Nidstong

6. Stars

7. Mine Våpen Mine Ord

8. Nord & Ner

9. Spre Vingene

10. Ballad Of The Swords

11. Dragons Of The North

12. Ironbound

13. Far Far North

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