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Hi everyone. Here I am again. Yes, it is true... The President of the Portuguese Republic, renewed the State of Emergency... After all, what do we expect? Do you think your interests are above the Common Good? Only your comfort matters? What then? What about the others? A simple number in this modern dance of viruses and vaccines? I don't really think like that. I just want everyone's well being. Of all Portuguese in particular. I desire everything to work out for the best. That is enough of suffering!!! Therefore, I sincerely believe that we must comply with the rules. It is a civic issue. Acting well in a personal capacity, I am a sure I am contributing to the Common Good. I represent just a small particle of the dough with which bread is typically made, but I sincerely believe in the exact measure for it to come out perfect. All crumbs count.

Under the Moonspell - 1994

The bread has to be seen as the entirety, nothing, and nobody can be left out... Nobody at all, not even this day when I finally bought "Hermitage" and I know by now it reached the national top of sales. I was just another crumb... But I felt like an honour. I remain not the biggest fan of the successful band, but I'm Portuguese. What was the point of not applauding a Portuguese band when it reaches such an achievement? People's band? May there be many more and in common be Portuguese ones... We need good news, and we need to defend what is ours... Today is March 10, 2021. By heart is this the best Moonspell album? I do not know! I need to listen it better, but I'm absolutely enjoying what I'm discovering. It's not shocking me more than "Sin" shocked.

Having the courage not to be doing the same thing over and over again. "1755" I consider it stratospheric. An exceptional act of extraordinary courage. Vocalized in Portuguese. An excellent work. But... Forwards remain the way, never forgetting where it came from... "Under the Moonspell"... this is very important. Do not deny our humble origins. And all crumbs count. All of them are equally important for a full-body bread. Some like this part better, others like the willing other, but the bread is the same... and even more... in times of hunger, we naturally tend to be less weird. We ended up liking almost all types of bread...

Moonspell mgmeia
Moonspell - 1755 (2017)
Moospell - Sin Pecado 1998

Who wouldn't like to be able to taste a mouthful of Morbid Angel, Maiden, Moonspell, Tarantula, Helloween or Dark Tranquility bread in these considerable times of famine? Translating: a concert by any of these bands at this exact moment? There in common are effective vaccines for bread to willingly give to everyone... Moonspell... I'm enjoying it !!!

Pedro Gonçalves

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