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Marianas Rest MGMEIA
[photo credit: Miikka Järvinen]

"Where no one can see, we set ourselves on fire" - "South Of Vostok" Coming from the Finnish coastal city of Kotka, the melodic death - doom metal MARIANAS REST will release their third major studio album, "Fata Morgana," on March 12 via Napalm Records, demonstrating in an impressive way their dedication to the fusion of heavy riffs, with mesmerizing sounds and impulsive rhythm.

Pre-Order NOW Sophomore Record, Ruins, Reissued on Vinyl for the First Time

New Album, Fata Morgana, out March 12 | Pre-Order NOW [via Napalm Records]

After their first performance with “Glow From The Edge”, the Finns grace us with, “South Of Vostok”: the final epos of "Fata Morgana" with the origin of six pieces. The fierce but sensitive vocals and the instrumental performance, MARIANAS REST deftly creates a symbiosis of cohesive sound that allows each note to develop its captivating power in the most appropriate way. The origin of the song's name comes from a place in Antarctica where there is a Russian research station called Vostok, which is considered one of the coldest and most hostile to life on the planet, perhaps the coldest of all.

The open end of the album follows the narrator's physical and mental journey. Will he just give up or cling to some spark of hope, looking to the horizon to start a new chapter? In the end, it is up to each listener to decide.

MARIANAS REST on the new single: “'South of Vostok' is the end of a story. A cathartic pondering on the edge of the world where frost turns to fire.” - Jaakko, vocals “It is a mix of hope and desperation. A journey through ugliness towards something more beautiful.” - Nico M., guitar

MARIANAS REST give us the next chapter in their introspective melodic parable of death and condemnation! "Fata Morgana" marks the final chapter of a trilogy that began when MARIANAS REST released his first feature film, "Horror Vacui" of 2016, followed by "Ruins" of 2019, so critically acclaimed. These two albums cover topics of isolation and an eventual emergency mental breakdown of that regrettable state. However, the band invites fans to live the concept from their perspectives.

The speech of the eight songs offers atmospheric melodies that are as fascinating as they are attractive and irresistible in Finnish nature, where the track "The Weight" is an example as well as the theme "Pointless Tale." With special guest appearances by Timo Virkkala, who shares the magic of his cello and the charming backing vocals by Lindsay Matheson from Schoolcraft's (ex-Cradle of Filth) Marianas Rest takes the creative production to the following level and makes "Fata Morgana" a must-have for fans of bands like "INSOMNIUM" and "MY DYING BRIDE."

MARIANAS REST on Fata Morgana: "Fata Morgana is a voyage into isolation. A passage to a place where minds get distorted by the cold."

This melodic melancholy is produced by Teemu Aalto (INSOMNIUM, OMNIUM GATHERUM) and MARIANAS REST, recorded and mixed by Teemu Aalto at Teemu Aalto Music Productions and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, who received a Grammy nomination with CANDLEMASS feat. Tony Iommi for Best Metal Performance.

Watch the official video for “South Of Vostok”

Pre-Order your copy of Fata Morgana NOW! [via Napalm Records]

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