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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Austin, Texas, USA-based melodic death/doom upstarts HINAYANA have officially signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records!

Originally founded as a one-man project by vocalist, guitarist and creative visionary Casey Hurd back in 2014, HINAYANA soon rounded out their full line-up and released their highly praised debut, Order Divine, in 2018. The fervent quintet scatters a remarkable sonic framework over the melodic death metal horizon whilst adding their atmospheric yet doom-driven trademark that precisely hits the heart of the scene.

HINAYANA on the signing:

“We couldn’t be more proud to join the legendary roster of Napalm Records! After a long period of waiting, we’ve finally partnered with one of the best names in the business. I believe Napalm will be the perfect vessel for us to deliver our own brand of melodic metal to listeners all over the world. This truly marks the next chapter for HINAYANA, and we’re itching to create more epic metal in collaboration with our new Napalm Records family!”

Sebastian Muench, A&R Napalm Records adds: “We are super excited to announce the signing of HINAYANA from Austin, Texas. The band's debut album from 2018, Order Divine, was a groundbreaking masterpiece on the melodic death metal horizon. In many ways, a similar revelation to fans of bands such as WOLFHEART, BE´LAKOR and INSOMNIUM. The new songs I heard are simply brilliant!” The band’s signing with Napalm Records marks the next step in their multifaceted musical melding – stay tuned for more big news coming soon! HINAYANA are: Casey Hurd – vocals / guitar Erik Shtaygrud – guitar Daniel Vieira – drums Michael Anstice - keyboard

Matt Bius – bass 2020-06-10 by Napalm Records

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