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From singer to guitar manufacturer Lita Rossana Ford, Lita Ford as she as known

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

From singer to guitar manufacturer

Lita Rossana Ford, Lita Ford as she as known, born in 1958 in England.

In 1989, "Close my Eyes Forever", a duet with Ozzy Osbourne remains Ford's most successful song.

From 1975, at age of 16, Lita was invited to join the all of the female rock band "The Runways". When they broke up in 1979, after two years of conflicts, Lita Ford debuts her solo album, "Out for Blood", in 1983. A disappointing work, but in 1984 "Dancin' on the Edge" she achieved moderate success.

Lita Ford MGMEIA

But the mid-1990s, Lita placed a reduced priority on her career and became a full-time mom of two sons.

In June of 2008, Lita rises a new band with stet Howland, from W.A.S.P., playing several warm-up gigs.

Ford released the album "Wicked Wonderland" in October 2009, after a long recording hiatus.

In the '80s, Lita Ford, engaged to guitarist Tommy Iommi, of "Black Sabbath", the Co-producer of her album "The Bride Wore Black", which was very released.

During her solo career, Lita Ford endorsed musical instrument manufacturer B.G. Rich and exclusivity used several of brand's guitars, most notably the "WARLOCK".

In 1992 she had a small role in the film "Highway to Hell", playing a character called "The Hitchhiker". Ford also declined a VH-1 invitation to join "The Surreal Life". A seven-season cast (2007). Her voice can be heard in X Box 360, PlayStation 3 and PC video game, "Brutal Legend". She appears as the char Rima. Lita song "Betrayal", is also one of the songs appear in the game.

By Mário Granado - MGMEIA CEO & Chairman

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