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Drop The Ačćent - Have been in Scunthorpe, with a great concert last Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Photo Credit: Mgmeia

After two years of lockdown, Mgmeia returned to its events, this time with Drop The Ačćent, and already with the "Amsterdam Faya AllStars", Ska and Reggae Band from Holland, with concerts scheduled for the 9th of September in Glasgow and the 11th of September in Dublin.

Lincoln's Rock N' Roll and Rocka Billy band made their Scunthorpe debut at a Mgmeia event last Saturday 2nd July 2022 at the Polish Social Centre. In a family friendly environment they showed their undeniable professionalism. Amongst many covers we would like to highlight Oasis, Robbie Williams' "Angels" and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode". The vocalist Wesley's band, we must mention the excellent performance of the drummer without belittling the other musicians.

The audience who attended for two hours, gave the band a five star endorsement, asking for their next performance in Scunthorpe, and for CDs and merchandising.

The crowd was very animated, where there were even those who gave their taste of dance feet dressed in costume, including black and white varnish shoes, and the Elvis stern.

Drop The Ačćent have been on the road for over five years, with several invitations for their performances, mainly in the Grimsby area, through Mgmeia we will take them to Hull with date yet to be defined. But it is already guaranteed their new date for Scunthorpe 23rd October, Sunday at 17:00.

Hope to see you at their next performance until then have fun


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