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DOROTHEE PESCH - Dorothee Pesch, front-woman of Warlock, the German Heavy Metal band

Dorothee Pesch, front-woman of Warlock, the German Heavy Metal band, born in 1964 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Along with her carrier, Doro's contribution to music made her a global figure in metal culture, over three decades.

Doro started her underground music scene in Dusseldorf, with notable success with "Warlock", in 1980. With a lot of changes of a line up in the band, left "Warlock" with just her as an original member of the band.

She restarts her career with the name Doro to avoid a legal battle with "Polygram", and her former manager.

Her new adventure with producers, Joey Balin and Gene Simmons, didn't give the hope she was expecting. After several tours in USA and Europe, in the 1900s, Doro returns in 2003, in a duet with Blaze Baley on the "Iron Maiden" song "Fear of the Dark".

The EP "Let Love Rain on Me", was an unexpected hit in Spain, where it reached No. 7 in the singles chart. A Metal version of "Gimme Gimme Gimme" from ABBA was recorded in 2004, with the actor Dirk Bach.

Doro continued touring and the more celebratory show's in following years. "Forever United", 2018, was the last worldwide. Doro is currently writing new material for her next album. Doro, you are our "QUEEN OF HEAVY METAL"


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