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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Pedro Gonçalves

Hi everyone. Children of Bodom were never one of my favourite bands, but I always enjoyed listening to them. This post is not intended to speak properly of the band, or of the too early death of one of his founders. I just thought, what to write whatever I want to write. This person, this photo, seemed to me the most consensual. All of us, who likes music, in particularly heavy metal, all we know how to value a good instrumentalist, a good artist. I think this is a characteristic of those who appreciate this kind of music! We all like a good drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, keys. Even if we don't like the band, we have this sensitivity to recognize this ability in the musician. I think it is transversal to all of us. Older, young, fat, thin, black, white, he, she, it, homo, hetero, lesbians... Whatever they want to be. As such, I admit that it unites us. Admire the artists beyond the band, truly recognize their talent! This sensitivity, that I always had (I believe, we had). The photo is a great example...

Alexis Laiho

This Group (that I belong) has more than 10,000 people, but only half a dozen here write regularly. Most never appear, at least as far as I know, and another critical minority everything that comes up, but they rarely write about what they really like. I have been accused of exposing myself too much, perhaps for writing several times about what I like or dislike. It can only be that. I don't normally write here if I have already brushed my teeth, or sat down on the toilet today, set what colour the toilet paper is at home. What is today’s lunch, I’m not going to write about it... Because I haven't, see it yet.

If someone is curious, then I can publish the menu... I'm just kidding... What I really meant it is what brings us together, is so much more than what separates us. Wise words from CS the immortal leader of Death... He said: "In my day there were not those who liked Death Metal, Thrash, Glam... We were a family. We liked Metal, period", and this is powerful what he meant. This is my school also. As I wrote in here a quite while ago that, in 1979 I was in Fourth Class year in school, and there was a colleague who carried a cassette recorder of his father. We listened to Elvis, Beatles... then British Pop exploded in the market... and I started joying Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, all of them. It was a magic time, those years. The vinyl "singles" player era... I was not my fault, but Back in Black came out, and that made a lot of sense to me. An older cousin of mine, he was already in more elaborate things like... U2, Marillion, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, New Order... I grew up as this... I listened to all the commercial radio programs. I consumed everything, but I had no money, I was happy with my father's records... Carlos do Carmo, Beatles, Amália, The Birds, Tom Jones... In 1985 when I move to a new school, my desk mate in his notebooks had photos of Doro Pesch, Maiden, WASP, Ozzy, Saxon and so on... later, he told me about radio program call "Lança Chamas." I commenced my incredible journey on my own way. I bought many albums on "Motor" just by the excellent cover of the album...Death, Slayer, Sodom, Destruction Kreator, Manowar, Megadeth... But I never renounced my principles.

Doro Pesch

I constantly kept loyalty for Maiden, Ozzy, Dio Sabbath, Priest, Rush, Saxon and so on... and also many material out of Heavy Metal preference. I'm from 80's, it's true. It's my favourite decade, there is no doubt. But today, particularly in the last few years, I have explored many Portuguese Metal of our days. It is my thing.

I have heard here and there some good stuff of current thrash. Some of them, very good indeed. Everything is valid... We have much more in common than we think. Unconditional love for music... Isn't the kindred spirit of those who collect Motorhead, Gaerea or Children of Bodom the same? And as Chuck said (I repeat.): "At that time there were no such divisions." There is no past, no present, no better or worse. There is respect, for Heavy Metal, and all of us to like the thousands of bands that exist... That's it!

NOTE: I always need doing this! With this text I do not want to teach anybody lessons. Everyone enjoys what they like, and nobody is better than anyone. I nothing but ask for one thing. If the Atheists absolutely do come, leave a note for me please. I really like those lads...

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