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"Bairro Sem Saída" - will be out this May the Novel written by Fernando Ribeiro, from Moonspell

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Portugal is a land of Novel Writers recognized all over the world as, Eça de Querós (1845-1900), José Saramago (1922-2010), Almeida Garrett (1799-1854) among others successful Portuguese romances writers.

"Bairro Sem Saída", is the first Novel book written by Fernando Ribeiro, the Moonspell frontman, in which he has already entered, the printing phase. Its official launch is provisionally scheduled for May, with a date to be confirmed, and will be officially published by Fernando Ribeiro.

Fernando Ribeiro Bairro Sem Saída, mgmeia
Fernando Ribeiro - "Bairro Sem Saída" ( Dead End Neighborhood) Photo kindly provided by Moonspell

The book it will be released by "Suma de Letras", a seal of the "Penguin Random House" in Portugal.

After the release of the successful band's published autobiography in March 2018, "Lobos que Foram Homens", written by Ricardo S. Amorim and with the preface by Dani Filth. Fernando Ribeiro will therefore publish his first Novel "Bairro Sem Saída" (Dead End Neighborhood).

Rised in Brandoa (Amadora), Fernando Ribeiro formed in 1989 Morbid Gods, who later, in 1992, adapted their name to Moonspell. Ribeiro studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon.

He published three poetry books, "Como Escavar um Abismo" in 2001, "As Feridas Essenciais" (2004), and the "Diálogo de Vultos" (2007). Fernando also wrote the book in prose, "Senhora Vingança" in 2011.

Fernando Ribeiro equally participated in the project "A Sombra Sobre Lisboa - Contos Lovecraftianos na Cidade das Sete Colinas". A literary work that has several authors and that invokes the worlds of Lovecraft adapted to the city of Lisbon.

Autobiography of Moonspell, author Ricardo S. Amorim with foreword by Dani Filth and photo by Edgar Keats. Also translated in English - Photo kindly provided by Moonspell.

Fernando wrote the introductions to "The Best Tales" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, published in 2005, and translated the biography in BD Lovecraft into Portuguese.

He on tops wrote regularly for the Portuguese metal magazine LOUD! In the monthly column entitled The Eternal Spectator.

In 1998 Fernando was also one of the founders of the musical project Daemonarch.

In 2009 he was part of the Amália Hoje project, which together with Sónia Tavares, Nuno Gonçalves and Paulo Praça reworked some of the classics by Amália Rodrigues. Still in the same year, he participated in a theme by the band Bizarra Locomotiva, called "Anjo Exilado" from the album "Álbum Negro" and in the project Orfeu Rebelde, with the seal of Optimus Discos.

We at MGMEIA wish you much prosperity for your novel, and we wish it to represent the first of many successes. We believe to see your name add among the list of great Portuguese novelists, and we hope will be able to appreciate some of your writings transformed into songs.

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