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Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame have released their new single "SUN" 24 February 2023

Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame's said:

"Sun is a Song for every normal person who has faced this abnormal world.

Sun is a song about hope in a dark era.

The Band is tight and the song is tender and rises to a massive melodic masterpiece with bright guitarlicks and lead singers' deep and dynamic voice with these heartfelt lyrics."

Stop everything, words what for? Just listen to the new song, "SUN" and you'll understand why!

Excellent theme, excellent video, and the powerful lyrics, in which we identify ourselves quickly with some episode in our lives.

It's without a doubt another excellent work from this fabulous band from Finland.

"Sun" a composition in which the flute brings us to a world of memories, and gives us strength to get up in our hours of conflict, accompanied with a powerful guitar solo, and the excellent voice of which Asko Argillander has already accustomed us and this time with a dash of mythology. And delight yourself with the back guitar solo, which reminds us of Brain May's guitar.

As usual, Finland exports great bands like Children of Bodom, Amorphis, Nightwish, Apocalyptica or HIM, and Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame is no exception.

We have already talked about them with the song "Cold Hand" but this time "SUN" is the continuation of Asko Argillander & The Blue Flame's excellent work. A name that for sure will give a lot to talk about. Excellent work, congratulations!