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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Canadian Sumo Cyco, are about to upcoming with their new album, Initiation, on 7th of May, 2021 via Napalm Records! Heavy Metal grooves, pop, electronic, punk, breaks all the rules with the new album.

SUMO CYCO was born by gathering a legion of fans with the band's attitude in not forgetting their working-class attitude and ability to build stories. The band creates a whole new level, demonstrating already demonstrated in this new album “Bystander”! The vocalist's expert and hermetic vocal domain, mentioned by Juno, Skye “Sever” Sweetnam, the track features metal riffs and a low groove, the drums with stealthy electronic accents. The video reflects the energetic and chaotic track with crisp and vivid visuals.

Watch the Energetic Music Video for Brand New Single “Bystander”[via Napalm Records]

Skye, the front singer says about “Bystander” and its video:

“‘Bystander’ was inspired by the frustration of our lives turning upside down in this pandemic. I felt like instead of living my life, I was now a slave to a screen, watching the world fall apart right before my eyes, totally helpless. The music video depicts my character trapped in a floating house watching news events taking place on TV, and at the same time, right outside my window. This entire video was produced, filmed and edited by Matt and I in our home studio!”

"Initiation" is an invitation to new followers to their the distorted and heterotopic world of “Cyco City”! As with its predecessor albums "Lost In Cyco City" in 2014, or "Opus Mar" in 2017 and numerous singles, "Initiation" is based on the imaginative location of "Cyco City." But, unlike most concept albums, the lyrical content is inspired by the band's real-time environment - featuring timely personal themes of love, sacrifice, anxiety, empowerment and much more that each one can identify with.

Sweetnam adds about the album: The album’s title, "Initiation", stems from wanting to invite the audience to be “initiated” into our world. There are usually two congruent themes to each of our albums – one is real-world inspiration, and the other is “Cyco City”, a comic book-esque alternate universe where all our music videos take place. With Initiation, we introduce four gangs or clubs. Our music videos for Initiation all include a theme of these clubs – whether it’s gang vs. gang, a forbidden love between opposing sides, or the idea of having to choose where you belong.

Outside of the story, the lyrics relate to the polarization of the world we live in now. We all have a longing to belong, but what makes one feel accepted or ostracized from a group? To be "initiated", would you be willing to try to understand another point of view? I have always written lyrics about internal struggle, the war within oneself. Throughout the album, we bounce back and forth between struggle and overcoming. It reflects the times, and there are moments that seem a bit dark.”

The first theme of the new album, SUMO CYCO, seductively addictive with the theme "Love You Wrong", connecting us and preparing the ground for what is to come. The blitz continues with notable highlights "Bystander" and the electronic fusion with Metal, "Vertigo" - the latter stands out for its courageous pop sensibility, therefore presenting the mastery of the production of the winner of the "Juno Award" producer Kane Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, In This Moment, Papa Roach). Next up is the stunning and addictive “Bad News” heavy and creepy “No Surrender” theme. "Initiation" is proof that the academic skill of the band's composition and the performance commanded by vocalist Skye "Sever" Sweetnam, and aided by guitarist Matt "MD13" Drake, with bassist Oscar Anesetti and drummer Matt "Trozzi" mix greatness. Enormous number of different musical tastes. The album obtains a mastery of heavy metal execution to meet pop. The album ends with a frantic rhythm on the theme "This Dance Is Doomed", while in other editions we could contemplate "Awakened."

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